Get smart and take control of your life by getting the most out of your AI-based iPhone & iPad apps. Glance some of the best AI apps and choose the ones that live up to your expectations.

Who on earth is not aware of Artificial Intelligence? And the way it is impacting human lives is out of this world? To be more precise, AI has made human life a walk in the park by assisting us in answering a query to controlling the smart home devices.

Here is a list of 10 useful AI apps for iOS which you should try yourself!


Time to grow your business, not just faster but more convenient! ONPASSIVE has been one of the most awaited digital marketing application that breaks new ground of marketing. This AI-based marketing platform will be available on iOS and has all the essential tools you require to market your brand.


The popular virtual assistant from Apple doesn’t need much of introduction, and it is available on all the Apple platforms. A survey reported that 44percent of people who use virtual assistant use, Siri.


One of a kind AI-based app which focuses on swimmers. This app uses a sensor in the device to perform and deliver a report to distinguish swimming performance.


An AI-based companion that can form a real emotional bond, Replika is the best chatbot available in the market. Replika listens to your thoughts an AI with genuine emotional intelligence which helps you learn more about your personality.


Hydrate your soul with 3 minutes of the meditation. The AI-based app helps you relieve stress and anxiety with personalised mindfulness 3 minutes of meditation exercise to feel better.


Powered with AI technology and machine learning, this app helps you edit your videos like professional. The app feature revolutionary voice assistant, you can tell the app anything that you want in your video.


Wireless Lab developed this excellent app in December 2016, with its most exciting feature of gender-swapping. This app uses a neural network and remodels your face to look older or younger, transform your looks with this freemium app.


AI-based voice technology with a focus on natural language processing answers customers’ questions. A virtual customer representative helps you find potential customers and recognise high-value visitants.


Identifying plants has got easier, click or upload a photo of any plant and this intelligent app help you identify it along with plant keeping tips and a watering reminder.

10:Maslo: Dream Journal

Self-development journal based on AI technology that interacts with playfulness and empathy. Pick a prompt and begin interacting with voice-based journaling. This app listens for sentiment and empathises with emotion which encourages you to rediscover yourself.

It looks like we have covered leading AI-based iPhone & iPad app of all times here! Some of these are substantially helpful and think about what are we going to see in future.