Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most prevalent forms of email marketing and remains very popular to this very day. There are some essential facts and statistics that you need to know about email marketing. Nearly 65% of marketers have claimed that email is still to this very day, a popular choice among customers and marketers. Email marketing has grown rapidly as the technology has moved beyond universities and larger corporations to the consumer market, especially in the 1990s. This message was generally viewed as unwanted by many recipients.

Did you know? That one of the early recordings of the first-ever commercial spam was credited to a group of lawyers and email marketing still remains incredibly popular among both consumers and marketers. Email marketing has grown rapidly within the first few years of its inception, due to its ease of accessibility and massive public outreach potential. The message was also viewed as unwanted by many recipients and the massive amount of email marketing tools can be used for various purposes such as:

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  • Scheduling
  • Tracking
  • List-building
  • Custom email signatures
  • Optimizing deliverability
  • Creating and testing subject lines

So without further ado, let us look into the 10 most interesting facts about digital marketing that you probably didn’t know about:

Email marketing works wonders when carefully targeted:

  • Nearly 77% of email marketing ROI comes from only segmented, targeted and triggered campaigns. Triggered emails are capable of driving 624 percent higher conversion responses with the same number of emails that were sent out in batches and blast emails, according to Jeff Bulas.
  • Personalized email marketing has improved click-through rates especially when a call-to-action button is also used with an average of 14% and overall conversions by 10%.

How you can combine video with an email to significantly increase your impact and results:

  • The results speak for themselves as 6 out of 10 marketers use video for successful email marketing and 82% of people believe it’s effective.
  • You must also strive to use the word “video” in an email as this has led to 82% for being effective. This has led to an increase in email conversions by 500%.
  • Short videos of 30 seconds or less have an 89% higher conversation rate with longer videos.
  • Personalized videos have led to an increase in open rates with more than 16 times and standard videos.
  • Millennials always love email and 73% of people prefer to contact brands with the help of email, as itis part of everyday life.
  • There are 66% of GenXers and 64% of millennials have preferred to interact with brands online, with email as their preferred choice of communication.
  • 44% of consumers are more than willing to open emails with the help of brands and millennials prefer to interact with brands online.
  • Email is their preferred channel of choice and millennials are more in particular likely to get emails from brands as there are 22% of people who are more likely to read them.
  • 50% of email recipients have helped to mark a brand’s email with the help of spam, as one person cannot easily figure out how to unsubscribe easily.

Email marketing practices are great especially for deliverability and certain regulations have continued to evolve and marketers need to understand and comply with the most current requirements. Email marketing to this very day still remains a vibrant practice where it continues to evolve can produce better results from both senders and recipients.

Filters and other tools help to make it easier than ever to avoid spam and the competition for limited inbox attention from your consumers is a metric for challenging marketers. There are messages which help to create messages which are more personalized, interactive, and relevant.

In Conclusion:

The proliferation of tools and new technology is great as this can help you increase the overall quality of the opt-in subscriber’s lists including the measurability of results. It is important to always continue to evolve and marketers will also need to comply with certain requirements especially where the recipients reside. There are many companies that are vying for the attention of their target audience and only those organizations which stay current on the technology will prosper. This means effective optimization offers, subject lines, message copy, and send time.

We hope you found this article informative in understanding the 10 most interesting facts, especially about email marketing. Thanks for reading!

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