Automated Marketing System

Here are 10 things that a true hands-free automated marketing system must include in order to be highly successful:

#1 Every Single Tool Needed to Run a Business

A hands-free marketing system must include all the necessary tools under one roof at a price everyone can afford.

#2 AI Technology or Artificial Intelligence at its Best

A truly automated business platform must have Artificial Intelligence or (AI for short) incorporated into the system in the best ways possible.

#3 Advertising & Marketing done-for-you

To be truly automated, the advertising and marketing must be available on board at a reasonable price to be done-for-you, making it hands-free marketing.

#4 Guaranteed Visitors & Sign-ups for Your Business

The system must automatically send visitors & sign-ups to your business without the need for anyone to recruit for themselves.

#5 Continuous Residual Income

The system must include a compensation plan that will automatically provide continuous income day after day and year after year without lifting a finger.

#6 Hands-Free Workplace

The system must be automated in the sense that you only need to set up your account and purchase the package of your choice only one time and the system will do the rest.

#7 Worldwide Access

A perfect system must be available to everyone worldwide, no matter where they live.

#8 Funding & Withdrawing Made Easy

There must be an easy way to fund your account and it must be just as easy to withdraw your funds as they appear in your back-office wallet.

#9 Your Money, Your Way

Any money due you must be available to you where no one can touch it without your permission and where you can do with it as you please.

#10 Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

You must be 100% satisfied with the system and all it includes or get any money you paid into the system refunded, no matter how long you’ve been in the system.

* Ash Mufarah has created just such a system called ONPASSIVE, and I am so blessed to be included as a founding member, knowing that this business solution allows everyone to succeed no matter who they are or what they have done previously. Every member, whether passive or active, will automatically succeed by becoming an active member of ONPASSIVE.

No one will have to recruit, sell, promote or anything else if they don’t want to, but they can earn much more if they do. The right tools, guidance, and system are all provided so that everyone can be massively successful.

Do you want to end all of your marketing and financial issues forever? Take the ultimate risk because the ONPASSIVE Platform is worth it and the results will astound you! And what’s more is that if you are unhappy, I assure you 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.

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