Connecting through videos is the need of the time. Taking the best advantage of them helps achieve efficiency, productivity and much above quality. A video communication tool must be able to engage the audience and must enable lively interaction. Also, an option to record the videos should be provided for any future reference. With the emerging various video communication tools, choosing the right time gives the best results.

Storing team meeting recordings is always suggested. Referring to the recorded video solves any queries saving time. Instead of approaching the person for clarifications on any discussed things, going through the recorded videos clarifies many things. It is, of course, good to talk to the individual directly. However, in some cases, the person might be busy or might not be available to contact or might not recollect the discussion that went on previously.


ONPASSIVE has come up with video communication tools to meet the user requirements. Virtual communication is now made through OCONNECT. For any tool to outstand in the market, it must put up with some special features apart from the basic functionalities. This AI enabled tool has all the essential features of any video communication tool and even more. Let us go through some features of it :


  • A detailed dashboard to track attendance and usage
  • Facilitates chat option during in-meetings
  • High-quality audio and video
  • Enables Video recording and playback
  • Enables speech to text
  • Supports Auto Language Translation
  • Supports dual screen sharing
  • Add unlimited participants

Teams meeting recording tools

Teams support a wide variety of videos. Some of them include a PowerPoint presentation, a regular ongoing meeting, or any interviews. To ensure seamless flow of video recording, it is suggested to follow specific guidelines.

  • Set the roles such as organizer, presenters, attendees and video recorder owner
  • An organizer is the one who schedules a meeting. They have special privileges such as starting and stopping the meeting, recording the videos etc
  • The presenter is the one who hosts the meeting and has almost all the privileges of an organizer
  • Attendees have restricted approvals. They can only share the screen, communicate through chat and speak
  • Video recorder owner is privileged to recording videos and shares them later with the privileged ones

Teams Meeting Recording tool Tips before video recording

Before starting video recording, following the below guidelines ensure smooth flow.

  • Ensure that the microphone and the camera are enabled
  • Make sure to disable notifications, otherwise, they shown up in video recordings
  • Ensure that the room is free of external disturbances.
  • Choosing a bright room gives a quality recorded video
  • Ensure that the background is proper
Some of the other features that could be incorporated in any video communication tool include the following:
  • Facilitate Screen sharing: Communication turn more lively with the screen sharing option. For example: consider that you have a document that you need to share with the other user. Enabling such functionality resolves issues then and there itself.
  • Enable webcams: Business requires dealing with many people at once. The availability of multiple webcams makes interaction more lively.
  • Unlimited video recording: Having the option to record video is basic functionality. Often the people’s choice is the one that offers video recording limitlessly. Incorporating such feature into video communication tools is an advantage over others.

Include your brand: Conducting webinars is one of the marketing strategies to reach a huge audience. During such presentations, it is advised to include the company’s logo to reach out huge audience and establish a brand for oneself.


When it comes to selecting a video communication tool, every one of us would wish to avail of the one that is built-in with user-friendly features. Experience the best with ONPASSIVE’s OCONNECT.