1. Getting up in the morning:

I personally had no problem with this (I write this article in the morning at 5:40), because I was used to getting up early in the morning from childhood in scout camps, and when we didn’t get up within 1 minute for a morning exercise/warm-up, so we were sprinkled with cold water from a rivulet. However, I understand that for many of you, overcoming fatigue can be a big problem from the first grade of elementary school, if not from kindergarten. (In addition, scouting shapes a person’s personality as well as training, seminars, webinars, reading the right business and motivational books, etc.)

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2. Commuting:

Transport by bus or own car, in any weather and in any mood. If you have a car without air conditioning, you leave work in the summer heat after a work shift at 2.30 pm, so the car is red-hot and you have to ventilate for at least 3 minutes to be able to sit in that car. In the winter, I once again picked up the suspension on the right front wheel, because it passed me on the ice and I could barely drive home at a speed of 30 km / h.

3. Timecard:

Every morning stress and hurry so as not to be late, even for one minute.

4. Fixed working hours:

Work 8 hours or more, every day and, if necessary, leave earlier, the obligation to work over everything.

5. Overtime:

There is nothing worse if you have your personal program scheduled after the work shift and the boss tells you 30 minutes before the end of the shift that you will go over time.

6. Holidays:

Wait a whole year for a holiday of no more than 2 weeks at a time, which you still have to announce 4 months in advance to write you in the calendar and it doesn’t happen that a third of employees will have time off in the same week.

7. Boss:

Carry out the orders of the boss and endure his current frame of mind.

8. Salary:

Never corresponded to the length of time and the amount of work done (At ONPASSIVE you have an increasing income every week and month) how many times a year will they add to your work? That only once or maybe twice a year?

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9. Uncertainty:

A constant threat of dismissal or bankruptcy

10. Colleagues:

For some colleagues, mutual rivalry, envy, slander, even if you only have $ 0.1 per hour more than someone else.

11. Physical fitness and mental resilience:

For some jobs, it requires physical fitness to carry heavy loads as well as resistance to stress or to withstand daily bossing.

12. Insufficient experience or insufficient language skills:

For many office professions, they need previous experience and when I didn’t have at least 5 years of experience in the branch, they weren’t interested. Likewise, if you don’t speak at least two foreign languages ​​fluently, it’s also very difficult for the labor market.

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