Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is used to automate tasks that are critical to the customer journey. These raised challenges are tackled by delivering customer experience.

For this, a concept called blended AI is used that combines AI with Human Touch. These are the three things that Blended AI will do for your company:

Automation and Machine Learning assists customers and lives agents to solve their problems quickly and efficiently. 

1. Maximizing Self-Services and Automations

Chatbot space is competitive.  It blends humans with AI that is 

  • Seamless for consumers
  • Improves the quality of the conversation
  • Reduces cost. 

For example, when a prospect customer browses your website, it reaches vital interaction points. This interaction creates effectiveness in marketing and increases trading.

It doesn’t need any experience and delays that need to repeat it.

Imagine that a user browses the web for information on solar panels. It proactively starts a conversation by capturing a user’s interest by asking a few relevant questions. It makes a personalized offer and even transitions him seamlessly to speak with an advisor who has visibility into the full conversation between a user on a desktop. 

By using proactive chatbots and Blended AI, the customer will have a satisfiable experience, and get more business with little efforts.

2. Optimizing Human-Interaction

Blending AI with human agents enables them to take advantage of both strengths. Artificial Intelligence with Human Touch enterprises that their customer service efforts are more effective at improving customer satisfaction to 61 percentage and agent satisfaction to 69 percentage.

Agent satisfaction is essential. Without the tools meeting, customer needs and agents are frustrated and stressful.  AI enables your agents to answer customer queries fastly. 

AI continuously assess agent skills and appropriate training needs, which means strengthening the contact centre operations with a highly skilful agent. 

AI also optimizing workforce planning and workload distributions, enabling agents to focus on their work that needs a human emotion.

3. Unlock Values of Interactions and Analytics with companies

Use analytics that supports a broad range of business scenarios. For example, this helps with sales and marketing in 

  • Interaction tracking
  • Campaign attribution
  • Lead scores
  • Lead engagement.

It can be challenging for reps to recognize meaningful conversations with prospects that results in qualified leads or sales, and that takes appropriate actions for affecting the negative conversion rate. 

It can be solved by bringing online and offline engagement data together and making it available in real-time at critical moments. Always use this data that matches the right lead to the right rep to make conversations informed in any of the platforms.

When reps have the relevant information and the guidance it needs, they will empower to manage every interaction to the possible outcomes. 

A better-equipped sales team can target and act on opportunities for more leads, more sales conversions and correctly attributed sales.

The Future:

A leading provider of cloud-based customer analytics offers strengths in AI and machine learning while optimizing an end to end customer experience.

Together, AI-driven systems will improve your ability to find the next best step in the customer journey. It provides a couple of examples affecting trade and market.

Imagine that a prospect is in the mid-path of a trading experience and expecting a response from you, not a real-time. 

Using AI, a system determines the best way to follow-up with the same prospect customer by sending an SMS in the next morning with an email later the very same day, if the SMS goes unanswered. 

In a marketing journey, the system determines the best information or offer to push to your customer in your next interaction.

Blended AI is the future approach that merges chatbots, predictive routing, orchestration and human agents to automate interactions in self-service and with augmented agent experiences. Leveraging bots to handle common issues frees up live agents to deal with complex and nuanced issues that require a human touch.

This blending Artificial Intelligence with human agents improves customer and agent satisfaction.

Economic Growth of Artificial Intelligence in India