AI Into Content Strategy

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In this article, we will be looking into 3 different ways of incorporating AI into your content strategy. You can have a mission which can be helpful in empowering marketers with certain actionable data in making better-informed decisions for your content strategy.

Artificial intelligence is used everywhere in different companies across the world such as Google, Starbucks or Netflix. This can help to boost the overall productivity of the major AI tools available.

Content strategy can be used in helping companies or organizations in creating more personalized content for your audience. So here are three major ways of incorporating artificial intelligence in creating an effective content strategy!

1. Exploring Trends & Planning With Predictive Analysis Techniques:

  • It is one of the smartest ways to start creating a content marketing campaign in building a content calendar.
  • Planning a content calendar in advance even by a month can allow you to take stock of an existing content catalogue and can help in capturing ideas for the future as well.
  • Predictive analysis is an extremely powerful AI tool for predicting the sentiments, intents and behaviour’s of your customers.
  • You can create more resonating content and can also gain a more competitive advantage too.
  • Predictive analytics platforms can help in various stages of the content planning platform. Some of the most important platforms are Trendspottr, Idio etc.

2. Effective Content Creation With The Help Of NLG Platforms:

  • After planning the content, the next step is in the creation of content and the volume of content which you need for your campaign will differ based on the size and the number of campaigns that you run.
  • When you have a team of content creators, you can create and automate tasks which are more repetitive and less creative.
  • AI can help to save your organization countless hours in generating a massive volume of data-driven content.

3. Boosting Engagement & Promoting Content With Publishing Tools:

  • Promotion is the most crucial aspect of content marketing and even amazing pieces of content will need to be promoted to generate more traction.
  • Knowing the audience is crucial and involves understanding your niche audience, understanding sentiments and analyzing social media patterns.
  • There are many different tools which are powered with AI that can help you out in this process which are Cortex, Rival IQ and Autonomous Media Buying.

In conclusion, AI Into Your Content Strategy is extremely powerful assets in becoming integral to your everyday content marketing campaigns. These tools are great for a variety of applications such as predictive analysis and natural language generation.

We hope you found this article informative in understanding the various ways of incorporating artificial intelligence in your content strategy! Thanks for reading.