4 must-have short link features for success

In this digital age, SMS Campaigns have already proven their worth as a very efficient tool for business to engage their customers. A study found that there are nearly 7 billion smartphones globally, meaning almost 87% of the worldwide population is within your arm’s reach, with effective SMS marketing presenting a personal and direct communication medium.

However, SMS marketing campaigns are powerful, and they can be even more powerful with the incorporation of short links. Let’s explore them.

1. Increased Aesthetics and Readability

Long URLs sometimes need to be more manageable and reduce the concise nature of SMS messages. Short links abbreviate long URLs into compact, manageable forms, ensuring your message remains impactful. The clear appearance enhances readability and leaves some character space for your message, helping you to convey your information accurately.    

2. Tracking and Analytics

Short links foster different marketers with insights into the performance of SMS campaigns. Advanced analytics offer information on the geographic location of clicks, click-through rates (CTR), and peak activity times. These metrics help to establish an inclusive understanding of user behavior, enabling proper adjustments to campaign techniques. This information allows businesses to organize future SMS campaigns for better conversion rates and engagement.

3. Link Customization

Short links provide several customization options, helping marketers to customize long URLs according to user attributes or segmentation. Crafting links to particular demographics or tailoring unique URLs for specific recipients integrates an extra layer of customization to your SMS campaigns. This boosts user experience and enhances the likelihood of user engagement with the content.

4. Boost User Experience with QR Codes

Short links effortlessly add with QR codes, offering an advanced way for users to access content. Businesses provide a suitable and effective way for users to navigate a web page by integrating QR codes into SMS campaigns. This not only boosts user experience but also bridges the gap online and offline, making it seamless for customers to shift from a physical space to a digital world.  

Mistakes to Prevent While Using Short URLs

1. Random URL Slug

One of the big mistakes most social marketers make is to implement random URL slugs or slash tags. While using short URLs, consider the content that would surprise the readers and then integrate it into a URL slug.

2. Generic Domain

For marketers, URL shortening is not a new word. With innovative features, it has transformed a lot. One of the crucial features of URL shortening is to connect branded domains instantly. While implementing the URL shorteners, owning the correct domain is also very important. The advantages of owning a branded domain over a normal domain are better tracking, SEO, branding, and trust.

3. Reporting on Several Metrics that add Bot Traffic

Let’s consider a message that you shared a post or a message to your 500 followers and got 50 website visitors. This may be Bot traffic. Reporting on different metrics that involve Bot Traffic is crucial. For this, you can use various analytics tools to ensure that the Traffic you get is through a bot or from the shortened URL.

4. Making URLs too short

We use link-shortening solutions to shorten long URLs for a purpose, not only to shrink them. Short URLs that include keywords and represent your brand are good practices.

5. Shortening a Shortened URL

Shortening a long URL is suitable for content marketing, but shortening a short URL is bad. Ensure that the shortened link redirects to the target page directly and not to other shortened links.

6. Not Capitalizing Keywords

While implementing URL shorteners, you must concentrate on generating traffic for your brand. For this, URL customization is a good idea. But for that, you are required to capitalize the keywords so that your brand will stand out.

Optimizing SMS Impact: Exploring the Dynamic Features of OTRIM

In the world of SMS campaigns, utilizing ONPASSIVE’s OTRIM, an ultimate link-shortening solution, is a revolutionary attempt. You can streamline your links effectively with bulk shortening, ensuring an effortless experience for your customers. The QR code generation feature helps users engage with your content easily. With device-and-click location analytics, dive into valuable insights and comprehensively understand user behavior. OTRIM is not just a link-shortening tool; it also helps optimize SMS campaigns for utmost impact and data-driven success.


Short links are an impactful and versatile integration to SMS campaigns. From analytics to aesthetics, these shortened URLs enhance the efficacy of your marketing efforts. By adopting short links power, businesses can make SMS campaigns that are visually attractive, user-centric, and data-driven.

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