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Digital marketing is a need of any business to stay competitive in the market. Otherwise, people would not be much familiar with what any business has to offer to the users. So, digital marketing benefits both businesses and users.

Let us gain insight into the significance of conversational marketing and how the marketing can gain more customers and retain them. 

Conversational marketing is about marketing business products by conducting effective conversations to know and understand users and render personalized services. What could be the source executing such conversations enabling both the users and the businesses to interact purposefully? It is the AI chatbots.

In this digitalized world, technology has through leaps and bounds resulting in solving complex queries, increasing work performance by dealing with massive data in a simplified manner, working intelligently at a quick pace. Artificial intelligence is one significant output designed to work in a manner human minds perform. AI chatbots are effective at performing such conversations. The tools are well planned to understand the conversation’s intent and provide the appropriate response. 

Not all users have the same product requirement. Don’t you think it will be fetched if the users are recommended with the best relevant products? Of course, AI chatbots can do it. 

Significance Of conversational marketing

1. Increase user engagement: Statistics have revealed that users feel more engaged with personalized messaging. Websites, mobile apps, and Social Media are the various means for communicating through AI chatbots. 

2. Build customer relationship: Building trust takes time. Valuing customer queries and acting promptly to generate relevant responses enhances customer relationships. As such instances keep repeating over time, the output generated is nothing but the user’s trust. 

3. Build the future: Customer’s suggestions are always valuable. Businesses can make significant contributions, including product enhancement, introduction to new products, more creativity, ad marketing, and building websites to the best. 

4. Scalability: Customers are flexible enough to contact businesses during any odd hour of the dayThe AI chatbots offer 24×7 support to the users to connect with the business. This way, users would feel free, confident, and comfortable to post any queries, know any information and find solutions.

How to optimize conversational marketing?

Gather the correct data: Initial step towards executing conversational marketing is the requirement of the correct data. Having the right data in hand, it is time to interact and deal with them individually by going through the records specifying their preferences.

Customer engagement: What sets conversational marketing apart from the rest of the marketing ideas? It is, of course, the natural communication the users experience. Who would not like to engage in such kinds of conversations? Everyone does, right? Businesses gain better insights about the users and know them better through such interactions.

ONPASSIVE’s prominence for conversational marketing 

We have known that customer profiles lie as the foundation for effective conversational marketing. Choosing an effective platform that can help find suitable profiles do matter for any business. ONPASSIVE’s O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ), an AI tool, can find suitable profiles.

AI has grown prominent for the operations it conducts. Businesses have considered customer relationships as prominent. So, they are continually seeking means to establish and maintain long-term relationships with the customers. O-Chat is an AI chatbot designed to make interactive conversations by understanding the intent of the conversations. 

If the conversation’s intent is not clearly understood, the matter is immediately sent to a human agent not to lose valuable customers. Significantly, businesses are concerned about cost-saving. No doubt, any business can go with cost reduction and attain maximized benefits with O-Chat


Not limited to the time constraints, effective conversations can take the best form as AI chatbots. Every business is recommended to have them. The chatbots can generate enhanced user experience solving user queries promptly by being scalable and promoting businesses by sharing compelling content. 

All interested seekers know how ONPASSIVE can serve business customer relationship management with O-Desk and interact with O-Chat.