4 steps to use Instagram for Your GoFounders Network Marketing Business

You have stumbled upon hundreds of ideas and ways to grow your network marketing business, but is it enough? Is reaching out to potential customers using traditional ways enough for building a great network? There isn’t just one rule book in marketing business or be it any business, it only grows when you keep trying new ways and stay up to date with the latest technology.

Social media is a brilliant platform ever created; regardless of its disadvantages, social media can be leveraged to benefit your business. The audience on platforms like Instagram engages with the business page every day. Almost 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business page every day. This explains the need for building a business page on Instagram for your network marketing business.

We saw the importance of building an Instagram business page; let us now see how to move forward with it:

Step 1: 1 Build a Page with Necessary Details

The first and basic step is to create an account with a username you want your prospects to see and find you easily. As a network marketer in GoFounders, you must represent yourself and not the brand. Coming to your bio, this is where you tell your audience about yourself. Use it to tell a bit about yourself, why would your audience want to follow you and a little about your business. 

Step 2: Effective Posting Strategy

Once you are done with creating a page, you are all set to share and post on Instagram. But, before you start posting, you need to have a strategy. Make a list of ‘what, when and why’ to post your content. Think of a target market and know what your audience is interested in. Only 20% of your posts should be about sales, the rest should focus on informative, entertaining and helpful content to the followers. 

Step 3: Hashtag and Captions

With an appropriate caption, you can make the post more engaging. This is the space where you can tell about your post, provide tips and ask more people to follow your page. Hashtag is one thing you shouldn’t miss. To understand the importance of hashtag, post two pictures, one with no hashtag and another with relevant 10-15 hashtags. After a few hours, you can notice which post is generating more traffic to your page.

Step 4: User-Generated content

After building your page and you start posting, you get your own follower base after a certain period of time. People will start tagging you in their personal posts. This will increase your brand credibility. Reposting your follower’s posts will help others to see how well your brand is working because people believe the words of existing users. If they see it’s working for others, they believe it can work from them too.

The main aim of your network marketing business is not only about building a huge network but also to keep the network engaging and happy while they work along with you in building your own business. Therefore, you do that by letting them know that you notice them and their work.