B2B influencer marketing

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In this article, we will help you understand certain surefire methods to kickstart your B2B influencer marketing campaigns! Influencer marketing campaigns have shown significant growth in B2B campaigns, as it is mutually beneficial to all the parties involved.

This form of marketing has seen massive growth in the market and it is set to increase about 65% in the market according to certain brands. This strategy is set to increase by $10 billion dollars by the year 2020.

Many B2B companies have ongoing influencer marketing campaigns, compared to 48% of B2C brands. We have compiled a list of four different strategies to help you kickstart your influencer marketing campaigns.

What are these strategies?

  • Creating content together with industry experts:

By having industry experts on your side which add more credibility to your content by providing a natural distribution network. Collaborating with experts in your field gives you an opportunity for bringing value to your existing audience.

Some of the various ways, by which you can create content with B2B influencers are:

  • With Brand Endorsements: It is important to create brand endorsements with influencers who are closely related to your brand.
  • Analyzing Case Studies: If you can involve experts to analyze your case studies, then you can get more likes and shares to get more unique stories. Targeted influencers are great to be your clients, as long as you get enough value from your product.
  • Creating Video Content:

Video is the favourite medium of marketers as 83% of them, believe that their video content grows in sales.

Some good ways to produce content which involves experts are either recording a short webinar or live streaming on Facebook or YouTube.

  • Utilizing Research Collaborations:

This kind of co-creation with B2B influencers, based on the data provided by other reputable sources. Some of the content that can be produced with this form of collaboration is email outreach studies and blog posts.

  • Converting influential clients into brand ambassadors:

This kind of strategy involves building a community of user-advocates and having word-of-mouth referrals. It is incredibly difficult to get influencers as you will get ignored by many.

To ensure that your B2B influencer marketing campaigns are successful, it is a great idea to persuade your loyal clients into becoming influencers for your marketing campaigns.

  • Having offline events to network and develop relationships:

This kind of strategy helps to build awareness by building awareness and relationships, with the need for executing influencer strategies.

  • Being on the lookout for new influencers:

You must always be on the lookout for new influencers, as this will open new doors and helps you grow your overall potential with the help of strategies. In conclusion, these are four strategies that you can utilise to help you kickstart your influencer marketing campaigns. We wish you the best of luck in the future for your campaigns.