Time doesn’t wait for anyone, the same way your clients won’t wait for your emails. Therefore, you have to come up with perfect timing and strategy to send emails to your customers so that they read and don’t just leave it deserted. For the effective progress of your network marketing business campaigns, you need to learn and practice some of the essential strategies that have given fruitful results to various marketers.

First, let us learn the need for perfect timing:

There is no exact time to send out emails to your customers, what? Why? Confused? Don’t be. You will find your answers by the end of this blog. In the meantime let us understand the right time to send your email for better click rates. The right time is the time that works for your specific audience. 

General Advice and Things to Consider Before Sending Out Emails

Here are a few of the general email sending tips that would help you figure out when to send an email for better results. This works well if you are just starting off:

  • Daytime vs. Night time: This is one of the basic tips to know. It is usually better to send the emails at daytime because you know when people are awake. If the prospects live in different parts of the world with a certain time difference, you can schedule the email so that they receive it by the time they wake up.
  • Say No to Mondays: We all understand the level of frustration we face on Mondays. Everybody is on a rush and already bummed out for getting out of their comfort zone – Weekends. People tend to miss checking their emails or they don’t give much interest in anything on Mondays.
  • Also, a big No to Weekends: This is the time when people keep aside their work talks or any activity that is related to their work and go on adventures. Weekends have low click rates, so it is better that you don’t consider sending an email during the weekends. But it is the best time for you to plan for your campaign in case you’re not planning on an adventure.
  • Favourable Days- Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: These days in a week have been traditionally favoured by most of the marketers to send email campaigns. There are better chances of getting higher click rates during this time than on the weekends. Some of the best companies like GoFounders confirm that Tuesday and Thursday most popular days to send their newsletters and campaign activities.

Bonus Tips: Along with figuring out the perfect timing, you can come up with some catchy subject titles that attract your customers to click on your email. You have to know your customer’s location, which part of the world they live and try to localize the content to get their attention. This will help you in increasing your click rates.

Build your network marketing business with the right and effective strategies to grow more. Keep learning and experiment thoroughly for better results and exponential growth in your business.