The internet is making our day-to-day life easier, and everything is going online. Shopping, booking movie tickets, hotel rooms or restaurant seats, watching shows and games, talking to people, and keeping business running. Everything is online today.

When using the internet for your business is definitely a boon today; at the same time, an offline company could be near to its extinction.

Small companies face fierce competition from major online companies. Even if a store is offering a product besides your house, but you tend to order the same product online. The reason is the convenience of searching and paying online.

Even if startups are coming up with products online, they face challenges, as shown below:

What is the reason behind these challenges? What causes companies to fall apart when these challenges are not fixed?

The reason is the lack of advanced technologies integrated into the system of a business. One of the major factors that don’t allow companies to adopt new technologies is culture change. Employees and the leaders of many small companies do not want to come out of their comfort zone. They also fear that new technologies would require new skills, hence might take away their jobs. They are not ready to learn new skills to use new tools.

However, as a business owner of a startup, you could choose to install ONPASSIVE AI solutions into your business that allows you to get rid of recruitment and relevant skill hunt.

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How could ONPASSIVE AI solutions help small businesses to achieve more?

Complete Business Automation:

With the help of ONPASSIVE’s plug-n-play solution, your business receives end-to-end automation powered by Artificial Intelligence that helps your operations to deliver high productivity. When business operations are aligned and synchronized, your company is enabled to stay ahead in terms of meeting customer requirements.

Identify Target Audience:

ONPASSIVE’s AI solution uses a huge customer database that gets refined and segregated based on customer behavior and interests. This refined data is used to create buyers persona and allows the creation and delivery of personalized content to individual target customers.

Free Guaranteed Web Traffic:

Once the personalized communication is established with the target audiences, the business websites start receiving relevant web traffic that is most likely to take the desired action. It results in high ROI and helps in managing the budget, along with delivering what customers want.

The Ecosystem of Advanced Tools:

Once you become a registered founder of ONPASSIVE, you receive access to the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem consisting of advanced tools designed for specific business activities.

For example, TrimURL helps you shorten long URLs that are ready to share on social media sites with limitations on post characters. You can use Print Shop that allows you to design and print professional banners, flyers, brochures, catalogs, etc. Similarly, there are many other tools that take care of other business functions, such as Website Builder, VPN Services, Domain name registration, video emails, etc.

Along with the above mentioned four benefits, ONPASSIVE allows you to be part of the GoFounders community that compassionately helps you in your business activities by providing inputs and sharing ideas proactively. With ONPASSIVE becoming part of your vision, your business is destined to reach the next level of success.

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