content marketing with co-branding

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In this article, we will be understanding what co-branding is and how it can definitely improve a part of your marketing strategy about a specific product, service or topic.

You can combine the market strength and brand awareness of 2 or more companies and co-branding can improve customer bases, customer loyalty, brand image and understand how to provide better value for all participants.

There are more than 500 million blogs which are present on more than 1.7 billion websites. As there are more than 2 million blogs which get published every single day and are additionally shared across different types of social media platforms. There are more than 500 million tweets which are shared across Twitter, every single day.

How Do You Launch Co-Branding With The Help Of Research?

  • As a B2B marketer, research can be a great differentiator which can separate content from the overwhelming good and bad content.
  • When you co-brand successfully with research based on data and does not look like a sales pitch either.
  • You must be aware that buyers are always thinking about how it can affect the buyer’s purchase and can help to speed up the business cycle as well.

How to start thinking of research difficulty?

As we think about commissioning research, we will learn more about competitors and can help to in understanding perception and awareness! This can help to develop messaging and differentiator. By using some research, you can support a content marketing strategy and can also improve your overall buyer engagement.

Sponsoring More Original Research:

  • Helps to find an industry topic and the research can also be revisited or refreshed at an annual or a more regular basis.
  • Some of the major topics that you can address are salaries, industry priorities, emerging trends and much more!
  • Your thought leadership will also be addressed by salaries, industry priorities as well as emerging trends.
  • A great way to co-brand is with the help of sponsoring a good webinar and being a research analyst by being a part of a panel of thought leaders, in the industry.

Being a sponsor at a local event:

  • You can sponsor local events by co-branding with the help of research and emails and webinars are also more effective.
  • Your messaging should be more compelling and can have good speakers and folks would have to come and meet face-to-face.
  • Co-branding in such events is incredibly beneficial and going by the research angle can appeal more to a target audience.

Licensing for existing research:

  • You need to take advantage of co-branding with research and maybe you do not have the time or budget for doing more original research.
  • Research firms can help to license key pieces of research in a year and with the help of some programs you can distribute research through social media, tradeshows and conferences.

Sponsoring existing research reports:

  • The best way to step into co-branding with more research is to sponsor an existing research report.
  • This type of approach is less costly especially for the report which is produced on an annual or a regular basis.
  • With this type of sponsorship and how you can also fund an existing research report.
  • Other sponsors at the events can also provide insights into it as well.

In conclusion, these are 4 major ways of making your content stand apart with the help of co-branding. Leave a comment below, if you found this article informative in improving your content strategy. Thanks for reading.