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Facebook has gained popularity as being a versatile platform from making social connections to marketing. Using videos as a form of marketing has become a common practice among the marketers. The point is to reach as many target customers as possible and this can be achieved by getting more viewers.

The question is how? The reason is eight billion videos are posted on Facebook each day and getting maximum viewers for your video is extremely tough. However, there are ways and means to overcome the obstacles and reach your destination. Let us see a few ways you can implement to get your job done.

  • Short informative videos: Viewers always prefer to watch short helpful videos that are to the point with the nature of the business. Therefore, be specific with the information that you will be providing along with genuine facts and figures. Providing false information may lead to customer loss later.
  • Upload native videos: Native videos are those videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook or created within the platform. Stats showed that the share rate is more than 400% with a high viewership percentage. Native videos have the auto-play enabled which is an added advantage.
  • Relevant introductory content: A proper introduction is very important for any video. Therefore, make sure that the introduction content is relevant and addresses the customer’s queries. Do not keep too much mystery as it bores the customers and finally loses interest.
  • Significant captions: Putting significant captions is another way of increasing viewership. Research shows that silent videos with captions are more appealing that the ones that have voiceovers. Think well before writing the captions because it represents you, your business and your brand.
  • Square videos are the best: Most people today access Facebook through their mobile. Therefore, square videos are the best. Another benefit of uploading square videos is due to improved performance. Add icons and thumbnails for better representation of any link that are necessary.
  • A good title is necessary: Title is very important for any video.You must have a descriptive title always whenever you post any video. You must keep in mind to write all the necessary things that describes the video. Moreover, check if you can have a few keywords so that you can promote in other platforms or links.
  • Too many points are a no: Do not address too many points in one video. A handful of points with relevant information or discussion are enough as you must keep the video short too. Make sure that all the points are well-addressed along with infographics if possible as that has a different appeal.

These are a few ways that can be implemented to increase your viewers on Facebook. However, these are only the basic things. There are also more things which must be considered to improve the viewership. Keep in mind that you must also find the strategies that add to this issue.