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A webinar is a great platform to have a discussion with several people virtually in real-time. One of the fantastic features of a webinar is organizing live polls for the audience. On some webinar platforms, live polls are scheduled periodically in advance and are anonymous to everyone viewing them.

There is a new virtual conferencing platform in the market, OCONNECT, that ONPASSIVE recently launched. It is a great place to conduct virtual meetings with your friends, family, or coworkers. There are many features in OCONNECT, and live polls are one of them. You can engage your audience with live polls and gather instant feedback regarding any topic through OCONNECT. During brainstorming sessions, live polls will be very helpful in finding new ideas and concepts. 

What Are Some Of The Best Practices For Live Webinar Polling?

Live webinar polling will help you know more about your audience during a virtual event. It will also help you gather instant feedback on the efficacy of your presentation. However, it is essential to decide on the kind of questions that you must ask your audience. There are a few practices that you must keep in mind the next time you decide on live polling during a webinar.

  1. Keep It Simple

It is vital to make your audience understand your questions and their options in order to respond to them. Hence, it is better to have simple questions with easy-to-understand answers so that everyone in the audience will be on the same page while taking part in them.

  •  One Question At a Time

It is important to note that more than one question may confuse the audience; hence, it is better to ask one question at a time with a few options for the audience to choose from. Also, give some time to the audience to make up their mind before replying. 

  •  Relatable Questions

It would be best if you made polling questions relatable to the audience in order to have something to learn from them as well. The questions must be effective at stimulating participation and interactivity. You can also promote your products and services through polling questions. 

  •  Decide The Number Of Questions

Decide an appropriate amount of questions for a polling session before proceeding. Refrain from bombarding the participants with many questions at one go. Give at least three questions with an approximate gap of 5-10 minutes for the participants to maintain interest. 

  •  Do Not Reveal Audience Size

It is better to show poll results as percentage figures and not absolute numbers. If you are not getting enough participants, then it is better not to reveal that you have a smaller than desired attendance during the session. 

OCONNECT Video Conferencing Tool

ONPASSIVE offers OCONNECT, which gives you a live polling option to create new polls or surveys and ask your audience to participate in real time. You can create fun polls and engage your audience for an exciting conference experience. 

This tool is helpful for all kinds of businesses to engage and entertain their users. Many companies are working in a hybrid environment, and many schools are engaging their students with exciting homework strategies post-pandemic. OCONNECT is the best tool for all these purposes and more. 

One of its appealing features is giving reactions on the screen to boost the participant’s presentation or talking. There are options for resounds and reactions that can be engaging and entertaining for the participants. This is a fun feature not seen in any other video conferencing platforms

Take Away 

Live polling is a good way to check for an audience’s understanding of specific topics and get direct feedback immediately. Educational institutions can use live polls in webinars to quiz students on different subjects. Companies can also use live polling for their customer support section in order to reinforce their training sessions with them. 

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