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Web push notifications refer to clickable messages sent by a business website to their subscriber’s list. In other words, web push notifications are the Web Push Service, which is more interactive. With this feature, a notification is sent directly to the user’s mobile phone, even if he is not using it for receiving emails. 

Some of the advantages of this service include the user not being forced to accept or decline the notification manually. Also, web push notifications are sent as push messages and not as email attachments, and it also allows multiple, separate notifications.

The use of web-push notifications to re-engage customers has been around for a while, but some companies are taking it to a new level. Google recently announced a Web Push initiative to improve how people find what they need on the Internet. 

This is done through web-push notifications, which are short-automated emails sent to customers when certain triggers are set off within a specific geographic area or time period. 

Re-engaging customers is crucial to the success of any business, and it is essential for businesses that offer products or services that people need. 

By making use of web-push notifications to notify customers of relevant events, you give them the ability to act on your recommendations immediately, reducing the potential for them to ignore your messages. 

5 Ways To Re-engage Your Customers With Web Push Notifications 

The following are few creative ways that allow businesses to re-engage their customers with web push notifications:

  • Create Event-based Notifications 

Sending personalized messages to your customers helps businesses to gain customer’s trust. Sending relevant messages to customers is crucial for organizations to connect with customers and attract them towards your business. Adding an element of personalization to messages is even more crucial for building audience engagement.

One way to personalize push notifications is to create and send event-based messages to the subscriber’s list. This is one of the effective ways for your brand to create a positive association with customers.

  •  Use Push Notifications To Re-engage Users With Abandoned Carts 

E-commerce businesses can utilize web push notifications to create cart abandonment campaigns. This campaign is aimed at users who already show interest in your products and add them to the cart but tend to abandon these carts. 

Therefore, sending push notifications to such users can help businesses induce these customers to complete their purchases. The abandoned cart notifications will help remind them about their interesting products and helps them complete their purchase with your business.

  •  Send Updates And New Arrival Announcements 

Another creative way to use push notifications to re-engage with your customers is to use them to inform your subscribers about any new launches or events of your business. 

Therefore, marketers can consider sending web push notifications to customers for their new store opening, new product launch, or any other significant announcements about your company. When you engage with customers and keep them informed about crucial happenings, it helps give them reasons to come back to your business.

  •  Send Relevant Product Alerts 

Keeping your customers informed about relevant products they might be interested in is an interesting way to re-engage with customers. This is a great marketing strategy that helps boost the sales of your business.

Using back-in-stock campaigns or sending relevant products based on their search activity is a great way to renew customer interests and drive conversations to maximize results.

  •  Ask For Customer Reviews 

Web push notifications can also be utilized to send feedback and review messages to returning customers, asking them to provide their feedback on the products and services. 

Marketers need to phrase the push content in such a way that will encourage customers to provide feedback about your products or services. This will even help businesses to improve their services in the future.

These are five creative ways businesses can use web push notifications to re-engage with customers and drive customer engagement to boost their sales. 


Getting user’s attention and re-engaging with customers is becoming increasingly important for customers in this digital era. Therefore, utilizing web push notifications is one of the best marketing strategies to re-engage with customers and bring them back to your website.

Push notifications act as a one-stop solution to uplift your marketing efforts and increase your audience engagement rates. Therefore utilizing web-push notifications smartly can help maximize your ROI.