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Chat marketing has turned effective with the development of AI. The AI chatbot’s functioning has advanced to enable sales without the necessity to visit the website page.

The live chatbots have been designed to offer 24×7 support and are ready to work with minimum human intervention. Of course, not to miss the human touch to the conversion, the chatbots are well designed to escalate any complex conversations for the humans to deal with.

The advanced live chat tools called AI chatbots have been trained to understand human emotions and the intent of the conversation and respond accordingly.

How about up-selling and cross-selling? AI-enabled live chat tools have enabled even such significant features. Upselling is about recommending and persuading a user to buy something extra, while cross-selling is about selling the business products and services to an existing customer instead of a new user. This serves businesses to derive more profits.

This being said, let us explore some of the effective tips for chat marketing:

Effective chat marketing tips

Refer to the previous conversations

An experienced customer expects to be treated differently compared to a new customer. So, chatbots have a vital role to play regarding this. The software creates a database of the previously visited customers. Each time existing user turns to your business, they should not be treated as if you are conversing for the first time.

Chat marketing proves effective when the bots study the previous conversation and respond accordingly. This can make a difference and create more conversion rates.

Analyze the audience

Trying to know the audience serves as a compelling idea for the live chat tools as the conversations are relevant and appropriate. As the user initiates the conversation, the systems must be trained to know them through introductory questions. This way, the conversations turn more specific and detailed leading to user engagement. Consequently, one could know the business aims, objectives, products and services.

24×7 support

Usually, the live chat tools are designed to offer 24×7 support. Such availability enables the user to interact with the tools more promptly and flexibly. Immediate solutions initiate users to come up with queries and ideas as and when they arise. Chat marketing proves effective with such support. The conversion rates are also sure to increase.

Offer free solutions

People turn to chatbots expecting to find solutions. The first-time visitors can be offered free solutions, and if interested, later give them the paid solutions.  Try to explain the value of the free solutions so that people know about the advantage they have gained.

Include personalizations

The conversion rates have increased success rates with personalized conversations. Based on the user demographics, the personalized conversations could result in. For instance, consider the clothing industry. The live chat tools can suggest the best outfits of a specific age group. Don’t you think such offers would drive sales? Of course, for sure. The chances are high that the previous users might turn towards the chatbot for their future requirements.

Chat marketing with exclusively generated content are influential. People surely turn up to chatbots when such content is generated. Also, the user feels more personal while conversing as if speaking to a human.

ONPASSIVE’s exclusive chatbot features

  • Chat is an AI chatbot of ONPASSIVE that is intended to turn every conversation lively and engaging. The intent of the conversation is better understood by the tool. Moreover, the tool is designed to recall the previous conversation to give a better user experience.

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Implementing chat marketing is a definite need of any business. We saw how effective implementation could boost lead conversions and increase sales. The live chat tools have proved outstanding. Significantly, AI is something exceptional. One such tool is O-Chat, designed to generate the best experience.