Mobile Phone Marketing

In recent years AI has already driven up sales and influenced customer decisions, but how it will change the marketing functionality? Let’s explore how AI is redefining the contemporary marketing campaign!

Emerging technologies are fantastic in their own and with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, smartphones aren’t smart anymore; they have become intelligent phones, they understand human emotion by facial recognition and voice.

With AI, futuristic mobile marketing tools are real now. In 2016, ComScore, an American media measurement and analytics company, providing marketing data and analytics reported that the desktop accounts for 35% of digital media time compared to mobile’s 65% resulting in mobile marketing being on top when compared with other platforms across the consumers’ range.

The essential applications of AI are highly distinct and innovative, considering the next big thing in marketing; businesses are taking advantage of this and creating new business opportunities. Mentions below are few of the AI-based tools that are redefining Mobile Marketing:

  • Content Creation:  Creating relevant content that resonates the target audience is one of the foremost and challenging jobs, and when B2B, it is even more robust. The advent of AI-based mobile marketing tools helped marketers to optimise their productivity by automating the process of content creation.

AI-based content creation tools enable marketers with the ability of strategic content creation. Machine learning algorithms help AI to examine a remarkable amount of data to go through, and then create a content that is compelling and satisfying as per the marketing campaigns.

  • Know Your Audience: AI-powered automated tools can be used for maximum help with smart targeting method based on users past behavioural activities, recognising the patterns and predicting the likely behaviour of an individual consumer, which helps to improve the product recommendation.
  • Customer Experience With Virtual Assistants:  These AI-based virtual assistants has enhanced the customer experience. Assisting the customer from the very basic of customer service, such as greeting the customer, helping the customer with a query to supporting the customer with any problem customer is facing. These AI-based virtual assistants render a massive opportunity for mobile marketers who aim to pioneer their brand in the industry. While virtual assistants use AI and deep learning, they do need human interaction to strike the insight between technical and manual mediation to provide excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Dynamic Pricing: This mobile marketing tool also predicts which customers might require a discount before they pitch and which ones might buy the product and services at the same price. This strategy helps in obtaining more customer as few customers only buy a product when offered a discount. The AI-based tool automatically set the prices on a real-time basis based on market demand rather than sticking to a specific amount.

Artificial Intelligence is redefining Mobile Marketing, and companies need to implement these modern age marketing techniques for their competitive advantages. Technology is growing so fast that marketers are witnessing the change in front of their eyes. The future of marketing is imminent, and soon AI will empower mobile marketing with more enhanced tools and will take your mobile marketing strategies to the next level.