Increase Conversion Rate

Video is unquestionably successful and so omnipresent to be called as a fashion. 90% of consumer says video helps them in making buying decisions and 64% of the consumer states that videos attract their attention towards a product and makes them more likely to purchase.

In this article, we will cover the efficient use of video content marketing and tips to boost your conversion rate with video marketing. According to Eye Wide digital marketing agency, a video on your website landing page can increase 80% of your conversion rate. Video is imperative, but the question is where to start and how to start?

You can call it the mantra of content marketing strategy “If you don’t have a video in your marketing strategy, that’s an incomplete strategy. We live in an optical world, where the rule of visual has been from the very beginning.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a form of marketing where you combine marketing content along with a video to attract more traffic towards your brand. In modern marketing, it has great significance. Video marketing is a study of analyzing and understanding how video can be the center object of visual interaction.

It is an on-point marketing strategy that a business uses to increase its brand visibility and to promote any product and service. Having a video ready is just the first step, promotion of video in such a way that it reaches your target audience, which helps you increase ROI and conversion rate.

Mentions below are tips for creating compelling videos, inspiring videos and actionable videos:

Video Presentation:

The way you represent your business in the video is very crucial because it will have a significant impression on your audience about your brand. How your products and service are profitable or helping others should be your focus area in your video content rather than praising your business. “Centre your video on a story, not a sale.”

If you don’t center your business marketing message and give importance to the storytelling, it transmits a high impact on the audience.

Short & Simple:

Grab the opportunity the moment you notice it. You barely get 5 to 10 seconds to grab the viewers’ attention or the viewer will click away. Video professionals are recommending for the videos to be short and to the point. Spark the box of curiosity in your audience by asking the questions or using a teaser to grab the audience’s attention at the very beginning.

Why should the audience watch your video? Make it clear immediately, it will make them laugh, or inspire them along with its value.

Lead Embedded Videos:  There are many video advertisement platforms which allow you to embed a video with a link that leads a visitor directly to your website landing page or the product page.

When you promote through Facebook campaigns with the goal of conversion, it allows you to add a lead directly from the video, and there are several third-party tools in the market which provide multiple platforms embedded code or call-to-action on video.

Definite Goal: The clear intention behind the lead embedded video is essential because of this; your video gets a strong call-to-action with a clear message about what you want the visitor to do next.

For example: let’s talk about the social influencer, they end their video with a message like Visit our website, subscribe to our channel, etc. so call-to-action in layman language is, including a message at the end of the video which guides your visitor to the next step.

Video is an indispensable ingredient of a brand marketing strategy without a doubt. Still, with the acceleration of mobile video viewership and the omnipresence of social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, videos can also be used with full efficiency to enhance conversions rate effectively.

Understand that your marketing videos are some of your remarkable assets in the digital format. Design something relevant and helpful for your visitors and customers, and it will rise in prominent brand value.