video email marketing

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We all know about how effective and captivating video is to help with marketing. Hubspot, reports that 87% of businesses use video as a proficient marketing tool. Before we get into the 5 different and methods of improving your video email marketing strategy, let us take another look into the definition of video email marketing and how it can impact your marketing strategy as well.

How can you define video email marketing?

This form of email marketing integrates the functionality of email marketing with the advent of video. Marketers often use a thumbnail image by linking it to an email within a landing page.

How do you utilize video in making an effective email marketing strategy?

It is a well-known fact that you can use video in your emails which can lead to a 300% increase in email click-through rates. The term ‘video’ is so engaging that you can increase your open rates by 19% and reduce your overall subscribers by 25%

Here are some popular ways of improving your video email marketing strategy:

  1. Setting a video landing page, including an attractive CTA:

Embedding videos to your email receivers, that you can watch within the screen and this helps to create immersion in your email list. It is also important to consider how your videos perform on a mobile platform. Embedding an image of the video thumbnail can link to a landing page and can be incredibly beneficial to the video as well.

You can also restrict the leads in your video by watching a video within the email itself. This is a great way of directing your customers or leads to a specific landing page as well.

2. Marketing local events with the help of video emails:

Video emails are an excellent tool for the promotion of local events that may be happening in the future. This helps to pique the interest with the help of a stunning video. With a great call to action, you can make your customers or users perform a certain action that you are looking for.

Video email is an incredibly useful tool for gaining more leads and converting them into paying customers. This helps to provide quality videos, especially to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

3. Integrating personalized emails in your sales process:

It is a well-documented fact that you can directly increase your overall sales, with the help of video email marketing! By simply recording a video which is personalized can be used to get in touch with leads and increasing the overall response rates. Personalized emails have a high close rate of about 36.9% and are essential in speeding up the journey of the buyer.

4. Sending out stories of customers to potential leads:

You can send out videos of your actual customers to potential leads. Potential customers can sense genuine stories, from a fabricated one. The way your customers talk about a personal experience they had with your product or service, goes a long way in building trust and increases the probability of a sales occurring.

5. Upselling current customers with the help of video email marketing:

According to popular Marketing metrics, it is well established that selling to new customers is around 5%, whereas selling to existing customers is 70%. Customers who are already fans of your product or services will be the ones to watch your video religiously.


In conclusion, these are 5 surefire ways of improving your entire video email marketing strategy! We wish you the best of luck in the future for improving your entire video email marketing strategy. When you utilize videos in your email, it can help to reach out to a wider audience!