Improve Your Video Email Marketing

Hello there!

Now that you have understood the fundamentals of video email marketing and the various benefits it poses. Let us take a closer look into tips to improve the video in your email marketing campaign.

As we all know that a video email is a significant tool for a great marketing strategy. Some of the best practices to consider while creating your video email marketing campaigns are:

  1. Planning your video campaign.
  2. Shooting great videos.
  3. Keeping it short and sweet.
  4. Sharing it for greater impact.
  5. Testing out your video campaigns.

So, what are some of the tips to consider? Well not to worry! We have compiled a special list of tips to help improve your marketing strategy for videos. You can utilize these pointers to make your video email marketing process, even more effective.

What are some video email marketing tips?

These tips can help you to make your video email marketing, is an incredibly significant tool as an effective marketing strategy:

1. Creating a series of videos:

A single video gets boring too quickly. Hence, it is better to have multiple videos so that they can be a part of a series. You can do this by dividing your one singular video into many different videos.

This helps to keep your audience excited and helps them to anticipate what’s next in the process.

2. Adding the word ‘video’ in your subject line:

You should make an effort to add the word ‘video’ in your subject line as this makes your video email more attractive. This also ensures that your users are more likely to click and open your email.

3. Having an engaging CTA:

Call to action is the only form of action that your customers and consumers can take. It is the best way to encourage viewers to take a certain action. This also encourages your users to share videos with the help of friends in your groups or peers.

Some of the most effective features of a CTA are:

  • Helps to collect information from your viewers
  • Always following up with your viewers
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Adding social links or contact forms at the end of a video

4. Removing Autoplay:

Even though autoplay is great for getting more views on your videos, it is a good idea to remove the autoplay feature by default. This gives your viewers some space as well as the freedom to click on the videos, at their own accord.

5. Making videos playable with a single tap:

Your videos must be intuitive and your videos must be playable with the help of a single click. This helps to work as an advantage for mobile users too! In conclusion, these are five tips to help improve your video email marketing campaigns. We hope you found these tips useful in improving your marketing campaigns in the best manner possible!