Top 5 Search Engines

Search engines have enabled simplicity. Any information that the user requires gets posted within seconds. The usage of search engines has increased multi-fold. So is the need to incorporate the best standards in the search engines for a refined user experience. 

Now, let us see some of the most renowned search engines and how they can be leveraged to derive the best experience. At the same time, let us study the significant advantages and limitations they carry. 


Google’s position in search engines is predominant, and the statistics reveal that its share accounts to 86% concerning search engines. 

Apart from holding its search engine, Google also renders results for another search engine, namely

However, a few cons cannot be neglected: 

What Google considers for its ranking is traffic. Of course, everyone wishes to drive traffic and create an edge over others among the vast competition. However, while it comes to implementing paid advertising, the cost is competitively high. 

Furthermore, complaints exist that the first page of the Google search engine provides greater scope for paid advertising and featured snippets. At the same time, the number of organic search results is coming down in number leading to tough competition.


YouTube is another popular search engine, and the count of logged-in users is remarkable. The channel has grown so popular that it receives greater than 2 billion logged-in users per month and provides videos for more than 1 billion hours. 

The interesting thing to know is that the first video was 19 seconds video clip of the co-founder Jawed Karim. Videos significantly influence the audience, and they provide greater exposure to exciting topics to provide information, entertainment, and knowledge. Furthermore, it allows showcasing one’s abilities and creativity to the public.

Amazon :

Amazon was launched in 1995, and history reveals that it is the first and foremost organization to sell products online. Their initial step was into selling books online. Later, it was extended to the other goods. 

Amazon was so successful last year that 49% of the online shopping happened on it. Ranging from organic fruits and vegetables to highly sophisticated software products, Amazon is the place where you can find them. 

Competition is huge on the platform, and sometimes products placed on the website cost huge to the company. Moreover, the value-adds go unnoticed. Newcomers are suggested to showcase something unique and put sufficient effort to develop a good ranking and positive reviews, while already established businesses and reputed organizations can hold a good place with minimum effort. 


Facebook access to the globe goes way back to 2006, and before this, it was accessible to only students from 2004 to 2006. The count of searches accounts for more than 2 billion searches/day. Other main statistics reveal that the number of logged-in users per month is more than 1.62 billion. 

The biggest advantage Facebook has is the user base, and the biggest disadvantage is that the pricing is high for ads. Facebook can also act as an effective source to drive traffic organically. Of course, what can make this happen is consistent content quality and user engagement. Moreover, the chances to rank at the top of the search results also increase. 

Microsoft Bing 

Bing is trying to prove its mark in the field of advertising by incorporating features into Microsoft ads. Bing officially got its name as Microsoft Bing in October 2020. Though it does not hold the same share as Google, it is renowned for its usage in both the U.S and U.K markets and is taking more incredible leaps in the AI space. 

With the lower traffic volume, businesses trying to rank themselves in the top position have an excellent opportunity to showcase themselves and gain a significant return on investment. 


We have seen some of the popular search engines and how their performance varies from each other. From the business’s end, every business aspires to gain rank in the top listing. And, of course, there should be the support of marketing technologies to accomplish it.

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