Artificial Intelligence is one of the most complex and mesmerizing creations of humanity so far. This mostly new field, which we see in various AI applications, is just the tip of the iceberg or prelude. The rapid growth and massive capacity of AI have made people curious about the potentiality of this path-breaking technology that is about to get unleashed may be short. 

How to Understand Various Types of AI Applications

There are two main ways through which AI classification can be done. One kind is based on classifying AI systems, and Artificial Intelligence empowered machines based on humans’ likeness. It enhances the AI system’s ability to comprehend with a matter just like humans. Here lies the future of AI, after all.

Let’s have a look at seven types of AI applications in this article.

1)     Reactive Machines

Perhaps, this is one of the oldest versions of the AI with limited capacity. The primary drawback of this AI application is that it lacks memory-based functionality and less capacity for learning something new. These kinds of AI machines can be used only for automatic responses to limited or less complicated inputs.

2)     Limited Memory

AI applications that have limited memory are capable of being termed as reactive machines. Almost all the machines that can be called as made with Artificial Intelligence are limited memory-based machines. They can learn from historical data analysis to arrive at a decision.

3)     Theory of Mind

This next level of AI application can decide by own self as it can analyze the information and suggest a better option with the help of the algorithm. It has got the unique ability to understand the human mind to some extent.

4)     Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence can work as an AI agent to learn, understand, examine, and function just like a replacement of human beings. This AI system can perform n cross-functional teams and as capable as humans by imitating the multi-functional capability in reality to assure the project’s success.

5)     Artificial Super Intelligence

This Artificial Super Intelligence is by far the best and most capable classifications of Artificial Intelligence on earth. It can replicate the multi-functional intelligence of human beings is better at almost everything.  By increasing the memory, data processing capability, and decision-making capacity, a user can reap the best from this kind of application.

Key Takeaways

Those who all possess a gloomy outlook for the future of AI means it is a bit soon to be worried about the singularity and security threat of this AI applications- it is too early to be skeptical on this groundbreaking technology. You all should have a look into the growth story of artificial intelligence to understand its glory.