Business automation

Business automation is nothing new. Since the advent of the internet, every company has eyes on automating some or the entire business operations. Initially, it started with basic functions such as forecast management capabilities.

Today, automation in various business sectors has enabled us to change the way we connect and communicate exponentially. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an essential role in establishing a connection between customers and brands.

Believe it or not, but there is a disconnect between what companies want to solve and what are the customer pain points. That gap is clearly visible in the ad campaigns and results achieved. Traditional tools won’t be efficient in filling this gap, but AI can.

Let us go through the below-mentioned five points and understand how AI could change the way businesses perform today:

1. Power to Make Critical Decisions:

One of the major benefits of having AI in place is that it breaks down the customer data and makes it understandable. The filtered information helps organizations to take action based on the relevant input received.

It helps companies to personalize ad campaigns and promotions strategies that talk about the issue of the customer and how it can be solved by using their products with a live example.

2. Target Based Promotions:

AI provides a huge opportunity to different industries through its ability to scan, collate, and suggest specific targets based on the data shared by the customers at various stages of the buying process.

It would be a tedious job to collect the same information if done manually. Hence, it reduces the time, effort, and cost involved to fetch the same information that an AI algorithm could extract and create different models automatically.

3. Boost Mobile Campaigns:

The focus of marketers is slowly shifting from targeting desktop users to mobile users, which is very obvious. Customers are spending more time on their mobile phones than on desktops.

Thanks to the internet, the lifeline of online shopping, and 50,000+ searches made on Google every second via mobile phones, which enables AI to decode customer behavior and define buyers personas accordingly. Along with this, it also helps AI to measure the impact of campaigns created at a given time for a certain group of target audiences.

The real-time analysis results allow AI to run or pause ad campaigns. The AI-operated campaigns are showing better results than the assumptions made by marketers.

4. Data-Driven CRM:

The integration of AI in CRM systems has empowered companies to increase the level of customer obsession and receive high customer satisfaction rates. Earlier it was too difficult to track and monitor customer interaction and impact on customer ratings. But AI is enabling companies to focus on areas of improvement in the customer-centric operations to improve customer engagement.

It also allows understanding what customers need based on the interaction with AI Chatbots. These Chatbots are integrated with algorithms to break down customer queries and tag them based on product search, product issues, service requirements, or fault in the system.

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5. AI-Driven Blockchain Technology:

In the world of volatile and vulnerable data flowing across the net, blockchain technology helps you by decentralizing the data and providing security and transparency. AI, on the other hand, is a data-centric technology that requires huge raw data as an input to make sense.

Data-mining is an integral part of blockchain technology and requires huge computing energy. AI could solve this issue and mine the data for blockchain to work efficiently. Also, AI-powered data gates and data screening add another layer of security and avoid tampering of data.

All these AI-driven technologies are already in use and have started showing results. With the use of AI tools, companies are able to optimize their business strategies and target for future advancements.

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