We all know the impact of the internet in the field of business management. But a common misunderstanding exists among the online business owners. They believe that only online presence and promotions are enough to achieve business objectives. Every company needs to promote their business with the help of physical resources, and one of the best tools existing since ages is signage.

What is Signage?

Signage is a kind of graphic display intended to promote a brand, company, or physical store with a creative message crafted to attract an audience. A few common purposes of using signage is to promote, identify, provide information, and give directions.

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What are the benefits of using signage in business?

1. Wayfinding & Directional Signs:

Customers are usually unaware of the location of stores new to them. When they walk down the street and find a sign that tells them that the store has the product they are looking for, then they also expect the sign to provide the direction to the store. It guides the customers to reach the store without wasting time searching for the same.

2. Promotion and Advertisement:

Small business owners often do not have the budget to advertise their brick and mortar stores. In such a case, a sign with a beautifully designed message could help them promote their store and products efficiently. A sign should convey the value of your brand, high standards of your business, and unique features that differentiates them from other stores in the street.

3. Entice Customers:

You could entice customers by creating curiosity and encouraging customers to venture inside the store and make them feel that they are in the right place. Signage has the potential to create a great first impression of your business even before the customer has entered your store.

4. Stay Competitive:

When your competitors have a business in your locality, you could take advantage of signs to differentiate from others. Do you know why companies use signs near high traffic locations? Because signage could help you attract the audience stuck in the traffic, which can make an impromptu decision to visit your store. It keeps reminding your business offerings to the frequent goers. This way, you stay ahead of your competitors.

5. Offline to Online Action:

At times, when customers do not have time to stop and check your products or offerings, signs including your website URL could help them visit your website later. Make sure to update your website with attractive photos, location map, and description of your business and product offers, that could make your customers feel familiar when they visit your store next time.

These are the top 5 reasons that could encourage small business owners to use signboards for their business to attract people who never knew your business exists. Do not forget that signage is an uncredited salesperson that stands outside and conveys everything that a customer wants to know without saying, literally.

After reading this, we are sure you might be interested to know how to get such attractive and beautifully crafted signs. Let us inform you that once you become a registered founder of GoFounders, you could use ONPASSIVE‘s Print Shop that allows you to design and print ground-mounted signs and building-mounted signs with content that could entice your audience and pull them towards your stores without you putting any effort.

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