Promoting customer success plays a crucial role in your business growth. Hence, companies should focus on customer referral programs, and these acts more than adding credibility and trust. It helps to close sales very quickly by covering media coverage and providing energetic marketing content. There are a few more ways to develop customer champion programs to add more credibility and trust to your brand. Based upon your buyer personas and their choices, you can choose the optimal option to interact with your customers.

#1. Online Reviews: Create the chance for your customers to share their real-time experiences on your brand through Gartner Peer reviews, G2 Crowd reviews, etc. Be receptive to customer feedback. This helps in two ways, like getting retention and knowing your active work areas.

#2. Case Studies: These are the essential marketing tools for the sales teams as it includes the real-life stories of your customers. Case studies much help in engaging with leads and generating demand. This will impact the buyer journey to a great extent, and it solves the real-world pain points of the people and ensures to draw higher ROI through your customers. Case studies comprise statistics and social proof and other measures to provide your offerings.

#3. Media Briefings: Media needs validation from third-parties, as the journalists ask to speak with your customers who buy your products or avail services. Media interviewing with your prospects opens the doors of boosting your brand credibility to a maximum extent.

#4. Press Releases: These materials are the most convertible marketing data for your sales teams as press releases are like public announcements regarding your brand. Press releases help add positive weightage for your audience across multiple marketing channels that include email outreach and social media. You can gain massive traction to your website through drafting compelling press releases.

#5. Awards: Grabbing multiple award opportunities for your company much empowers your branding. Letting people be aware of your excellent work helps to augment your business value. Awards will acknowledge your exemplary results through case studies or story narration. Award recognitions permit third-parties to generate publicity, boost reputation, and identify competitive differentiators,

#6. Speaking Opportunities (Joint): Either online or offline, joint presentations help customers visually and verbally understand your brand value offered to them in multiple formats. Examples of these collaborative speaking chances are speaking panels, fireside chats, webinars, and virtual speaking sessions.