facebook marketing

Most of us don’t watch or read the news, yet somehow we get breaking news from various other sources. Be it from the internet or from social media, we somehow end up knowing what’s happening around the world. This is because of the number of people being online and sharing, engaging with each other. Facebook is one such platform that was built to bring people closer and today it is more than just stalking people and updating status. 

Facebook has become more than just social media. Several businesses started utilizing Facebook as a marketing platform to build their brand. The social media platform like that gives you plenty of bells and whistles to help improve your outreach strategy. While there’s no such thing as the perfect Facebook strategy, there are always ways to optimize your content for wider reach. 

Here, we’re going to tell you 6 secrets about Facebook posting tips to help you improve brand awareness:

#1 Leverage on Trends

Take advantage of trending topics on Facebook. This will give you the topics that are trending at the moment on the social network. Based on engagement and location, Trending Topics are the most useful ways to connect people around a major event and encourage them to engage in meaningful conversations. You can get your post involved by creating content that is timely and includes relevant hashtags or keywords of the trending topics. Trending things get people and posts in motion. It gets everyone in one place and drives users to engage more. 

#2 Posts Don’t Always Have to be About the Company

Rather than posting promotional links or articles, let your users know about something going on in your own life to give your Facebook page a more lifelike feel. For instance, on the off chance that you have gone out travelling or had attended some business event let your followers know about it through posts and content. Your audience will have a new perspective on your business brand. Your posts should be a mixture of your personal life and business too; this will help users know more about your business. 

#3 Take Advantage of Tags for Additional Reach

The best and effective way to place your content in front of users is to tag others in your Facebook Post. This is an excellent idea for cross-promotion with other business partners. It also helps to recognise individual fans or customers. User-generated content is a huge benefit for your page. If you’re using it into your Facebook strategy, tagging will bring you more reach and helps in improving your brand awareness. Tagging others will help a lot in getting more people to visit your page.

#5 Limit Content-Length on Posts, Use Links

According to a recent statistic, the average adult’s attention span is only 8 seconds. By this, you can understand that the amount of time your users spend on your posts. Therefore, make sure that you come up with short but effective content that grabs the attention of the users. Also, know that you have a separate business blog and if you think your post needs more content, add a link of that content in your post. This will also bring traffic to your business website too. Post more content on your blog and give links on your social media account for more influx of traffic.

#6 Create a Clear Call to Action

You need to make it clear to your audience that you want them to do something and help them with the necessary tools to do so. For instance, if your goal is to get more awareness and reach more people, then asking your audience to share your post should be your top priority. Creating a good, compelling and high-quality content is the first step to get that goal achieved. The second step is to ask the viewers what you want. Posts with the word ‘share’ receive more social actions like – comments, likes and shares than the posts that don’t. An effective strategy on any social network weighs heavily on the contacts you build. Don’t just post content and leave it like that. Focus on building conversations about the things that you post and respond to users when they comment, like and share your content. The more you engage with the users, the more you learn about them. By this, you can understand them and give more personalized content to drive more people your way.