Machine Learning

Marketing has turned necessary for any business ambitious to prove its mark in the market. Unless proper marketing guidelines are implemented, businesses could find it challenging to make sales and build a reputation.

Machine Learning is the latest technology at which every business is looking. ML systems are trained to intelligently converse with the users and keep them engaging in business activities. Additionally, the conversation between the ML machines and the users sync due to the built-in technology similar to the human mind that can understand customers better. 

No doubt, ML is revolutionizing marketing. But how? Let us dig deep to know how it is: 

ML is revolutionizing marketing

Execute marketing: Machine learning helps identify the areas where marketing can be executed effectively, and at the same time, helps analyze the marketing performance. Significantly, what any business expects at the end is revenue. The role of ML is worth noting as statistics have revealed that ML systems have created profits for businesses.

Marketing options do lie. However, the question is whether they are used at best, focused on attaining intended results, and oriented at creating profits. Yes, they are. ML systems are trained to achieve them optimally.

Face competition

Competition is huge in the market. Any business needs to build a sales strategy for perfect implementation. Adopting the perfect source which can guide effectively to determine the sales prospect helps face the competition. 

A prospective customer could look into the business by browsing various activities. Everyone has their tastes, preferences, and interests based on which they respond. So, personalization and customization can be more precise through Machine learning.

Extra features 

Apart from this, machine learning is set to accelerate and gain precision about some significant marketing automation activities, including lead scoring, sales forecasting, and cross-channel marketing. Moreover, any business needs to analyze the marketing KPI’s, whose role is vital to determine the business performance levels in terms of generating revenue and establishing customer relationships. MI’s role in this is prominent. 

The best ways ML is revolutionizing Marketing 

  • Customer support: Artificial intelligence and machine learning have truly brought a significant change in dealing with customers. AI chatbots can cause an engaging user experience. Every conversation is dealt with carefully so that users like to stay with the business and know more. Intelligent technologies have taken one step ahead to make sales directly without visiting websites or other sources. 
  • Customers churn: It refers to the state wherein an existing customer no longer maintains the relationship with the business. Every business seeks to minimize customer churn rate and enhance Customer Lifetime Value. 
  • Pricing elasticity: Machine learning systems are well developed to better analyze the demand for the products based on the pricing. A perfect analysis or study can be gained to know how the demands for the products keep fluctuating based on the pricing. This could be technically termed as pricing elasticity. Studies even convey how certain products are pricing unelastic. 
  • Dynamic pricing: Depending on the market conditions, the product pricing changes. Whenever there is a high demand for any product, the price of the product increases. So, ML systems are designed to provide the best recommendations for dynamic pricing.
  • Upselling and Cross-selling: ML systems are designed to automate the marketing upselling and cross-selling options. Propensity models exist in various kinds. These models mainly deal with the user’s actions that are likely to be performed. The more score the users generate for the equation, the more are the chances to convert into sales. ML helps execute such automation procedures. 
  • Lead scoring: Machine learning plays a vital role in calculating lead scoring, which deals with the best chances a lead could turn into sales. The more significant is the score, the more is the chances of converting into sales. Thus, businesses can focus on those users whose lead score is high.

ONPASSIVE’s edge for Machine Learning 

AI and ML are the key technologies for ONPASSIVE’s products. O-Chat is an AI intelligent chatbot that is intelligent enough to hold effective and engaging conversations with the users. The intent of the conversation is better understood to give the most relevant responses. 

Customers’ emotions are best understood. In case of any immediate attention, the conversations are promptly escalated to the concerned person to deal with. 

O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ), an AI conversational agent, can study the marketing trends and suggest the required guidelines for business flourishing. 


Machine Learning is the latest trend. Any business adopting them ensure to derive profitable results. Marketing automation proves effective with Machine Learning. Know how best ONPASSIVE can support businesses with its ML technology.