Being a true leader is about much more than just being in charge of employees working under you. It’s an entirely different level of responsibility that not everyone is carved out for. Everybody believes they’re a leader, but most are far from it. Most successful startups depend on the leadership and the expertise of a few to prepare for both day-to-day and long-term goals. Though it sounds simple, the truth is that not everyone is programmed to lead or to run a successful startup. It demands a certain mindset and arsenal of skills. These six tips can support you lead your team.

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All teams run on planning. But the plan needs to be carried out with the complete team so that they all believe that they are an essential part of your company and its decisions, rather than having a process being forced on them. Every leader is required to have a clear vision of what they are striving for and what the end goal is.

Be responsible:

A great leader is someone a team desires to follow, usually because they have shown personal honesty and do not shy away from what may be disliked but crucial decisions. A responsible leader works selflessly and in the interests of the team. A responsible leader executes insightful judgments based on real facts and accumulated data rather than leaping to conclusions.

Be confident, passionate and positive:

Confidence is addictive, and if you display a confident face, your team will also become empowered. That leads to robust, confident teams who can hit the ground running. Enthusiasm and passion are infectious. Prominent leaders are passionate about what they do or what they aim to share that passion with everyone around them. Positivity binds in with passion, but sometimes positivity is more difficult to spread than negativity. Research says that positive thinking is much more profitable to a team than any other non-financial motivator, and it encourages a healthy team mindset.

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Motivate and be humble:

Vision is a definite idea of where you’re going. A feeling of purpose helps you in understanding why you’re going there. Employees like to feel that they’re a part of something greater than themselves, and great leaders give employees that feeling. Team members will perform better if they are motivated and can understand the reasons for doing something. Besides, great leaders are humble. Leaders don’t allow their position of authority to make their employees feel that they are better than anyone else. Become a better leader by staying humble, showing honest concern, smiling at everyone, and helping as much you can.

Embrace workers of all ages:

Startups usually try to build dynamic, young teams. A savvy leader always looks to add more experienced employees on a team to embrace their experience and knowledge. A recent survey recommended that this quarter of the workforce had more to offer than those new into the workplace, making them notably valuable. More experienced workers have much to offer and can prove to be excellent teachers to younger and members of the team who may not have experienced some of the obstacles older workers have encountered earlier.

Communicate at all levels:

Communication is the true work of leadership. It’s a crucial element of leadership that helps you to accomplish your goals every day. As an efficient leader, you need to engage people at various levels of business and ensure that they understand what is required of them. A skilled communicator can get a message across and diffuse any uncertainty. Employees will come away understanding the message and be ready to follow your lead.

GoFounders community, with its robust and influential group of leaders, is always there to help you engage and motivate your team to do their best work and become that great leader that you ever wanted to be.

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