Viral marketing

Continuing with our previous Viral marketing topic, we discuss the ways to make your content go viral here in this blog.

But first, why do people share content and what kind of content are people excited with? Referring back to the previous blog, we had mentioned that the content with specific features had people lining up to share it. If your content taps into some of these reasons that we have stated below, you know you have a viral content in hand. Reasons such as :

  • humor or content that invoked awe, amusement or laughter.
  • Lists complete with infographics
  • Credible news from trusted sources
  • Content which appealed to people’s narcissistic side, content that makes users oo sharers look smart for sharing

Truth be told, viral posts are not the norm and they are just exceptional. Not all great content gets past an average of 12 shares. Does this mean the content is bad enough to be shared? Fortunately no.

In the era of paid promotion, free viral content is a boon and as luck would have it, only a few can manage it.  For any business or brand or company to get a decent share volume on their content, let us look at some tips that could be advantageous for any content to get viral.

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Lists still rule:

The masters of viral content and list posts resort to posting outliers. These outliers are the most shared content as it makes the sharer seems smarter and it also helps define people themselves to others. A list with a compelling headline usually gets the most shares. Inspirational quotes have people hooked on them just like health and exercise-related content.

Being awesome is good:

The posts that garnered more shares are outliers as mentioned earlier. As per the insights that drew from these posts were the keywords such as ‘love’ and ‘how-to’ posts. Even travel and adventure posts and blogs peppered with meaningful and quality imagery and awe-inspiring graphics appeared to have been shared to the max.

Tickle the Funnybone:

It is a given that people like to share entertaining content and videos. Humor has been a consistent driver of the posts that went viral. Incorporating humor in content is tricky, but done right, it yields the best-intended results for a content marketer, the brand and the business.

Research Matters:

Another sureshot way to drive shares is investing in research of your content. This makes the content go viral as people love to read well-researched content. Make sure that the content is heartwarming, happy and inspirational apart from being effective and challenges perceived wisdom. Warnings, trends, and tips could also invoke that much-needed interest in the net users to make your content viral.

Help people be successful:

This is a tip that wins most of the time. People are hooked on the word success and they will stop, take time to read it, and share it for sure. The word success in titles resonates and taps into mindfulness, as the content itself would come up as helpful.


Sharing content that’s completely out of the blue or unexpected can make your content go viral. Content marketers often use this tip to sell their wares. Surprise and delight are a couple of emotions people would want anytime. Add that in your content and watch it go viral like wildfire.

Lastly, engineering content to go viral is tough in content marketing. Amplifying content on different social media platforms could give the content the necessary boost to go viral.

It is as easy as getting shared by a few influencers to get ignited and then you always have the tried and tested paid amplification of content to kickstart the viral marketing process. You could also bank on the ONPASSIVE ecosystem’s AI-enabled ‘Viral sharing’ tool for viral marketing.

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