Automate Emails For Your E-commerce Store!

Hello there!

Did you know that email still remains the most viable channel for driving business and gaining leads?

Yes! That’s absolutely true. This is because most people prefer to receive emails from companies through email, more than any other form of communication. Email automation is an excellent way of designing a specific template for your emails and sending them out to your targeted audience.

Here’s a little known fact about emails:

With the recent data obtained from a marketing study done in the past, it is known that 72% of adults choose to communicate with companies with the help of email. This form of communication is more popular than social media, text messages and phone calls combined.

How relevant is an email for e-commerce?

Email still remains a universal and flexible messaging medium and transcends any other social media, text messages or calls. Email marketing helps you to send out more targeted and longer messages to leads and customers.

So without further ado, here are seven easy to follow automated emails that you need for an e-commerce store. These steps will not only keep your audience members engaged, but will also help to advance it along the sales funnel.

The seven automated email flows are:

1. Welcome series of emails:

These are a series of emails which you send out to your newest subscribers. Here, you want to thank your new subscribers for joining your email list. You can offer discounts or free trials to increase conversions as well as open rates.

You should also include call-to-actions to help your audience perform a particular action. This could be following on social media or checking out your blog.

2. Cart with items which is abandoned:

You should always strive to maximize your overall conversions, especially for abandoned cart reminders. You can also offer discounts with the help of a reminder message. By adding a positive and authentic review, your items will seem more genuine.

3. Following up after a purchase:

After purchase, you must ask for reviews and the bottom of the email should display products similar to the ones purchased. You can thank customers for their purchase and also try to re-engage with them for products that they may be interested in.

4. Prompting after re-engagement:

You can re-engage with your customers with the help of tones and offers to see how people respond best. You can feature products which complement the past purchases of customers and advertise as a set. This showcases only a handful of products, which can help narrow down your customer’s choices.

5. Offers through upselling:

Upselling is great as it helps to show products for customers who have already made a purchase. This is a great method of reaching out to them to increase sales and generate more revenue.

6. Writing educational content:

You should ensure that the content that you send out in emails contains the right product information. The messaging that you use should also be educational to connect with users better.

7. Issuing updates and information:

You should issue updates which are the best methods of letting customers know about the content of the email, even before they read it. By adding a great and catchy CTA, you can ensure that your emails have a better open rate.

In conclusion, these are seven easy ways to automate emails for your e-commerce store. We wish you the best of luck in the future for your email automation!