Compelling & Convertible Emails

Only the brand that applies best practices generates huge returns as lots of competitors invaded the internet to reach higher than your brand. Email marketing plays a crucial role in increasing sales and boosts traffic to your website. A popular survey states that email marketing’s average ROI is 100 percent, and it’s true. These results beat the remaining marketing channels, such as social media, paid ads, etc. four times.

No matter you have written on the email, the user takes only a few seconds to skip or read in their busy inbox. Yes, it’s a big challenge to compose irresistible email copies for brands. In this blog, you taste the subtle difference between drafting good and great emails without technical knowledge.

Lower CTR, i.e., click-through rates, shows that your emails are not efficient, and immediately, the brand needs to take precautionary action to improve it. They don’t require the most challenging efforts, but small tweaks are sufficient to boost the email campaign’s CTR.

The Difference between CTR and Ideal CTR

Firstly understand where the brand position stands in terms of context, product, or business. By comparing with the industry, you can sense the competitive stand of your business, 10 percent, and higher referred to as a decent organization with adequate profits.

Check the CTR stats from the email service provider and verify the difference between the open and click-through rates. Ideal CTRs generate more conversions, and if your business is getting more clicks and fewer conversions means you are good at getting traffic but missing the needful tactics.

Methods Obtain High-Quality CTRs for Email Campaigns

1. Double Opt-In

Collecting leads by filling the forms is called single opt-in, and it is a solid email marketing strategy. Though this remains as the starting step in the lead generation process, there are loopholes. Single opt-in refers to collecting email id without verification, and lots of false information may sit on your database with no use. To gather real information, authenticate email id through their inbox. Double opt-In not only avoids spam but stores the authorized data in the system. Visit ONPASSIVE Marketing Blog to get more useful tips.

2. UX or User Experience

We feel annoyed when somebody is sending stuffed content on a daily morning. When crafting your email, always think from the end-user perspective, and your self-experience plays a functional role in delivering the enticing content.

UX plays a crucial role in providing full-fledged digital marketing efforts. Add some valuable content to the user and try to wear audience shoes.

3. Clickable Subject Line 

Take full control of the users by keeping attention-seeking headlines. These days subject lines demand is ever-growing as there is lots of stuff inflows into the internet, and the users have less time to pick your content. It is the fact that 26 percent of emails are opened by looking into the personalized subject line.

Address the audience’s pain point, connect with their emotional ability, and touch their interest. Whatever you do, ensure to captivate them with the subject line. 

Reasonable open rate enhances the value of the expression, leading to improve brand recognition. Following are the necessary recommendations to create compelling subject-lines: 

  • Buyer persona customization 
  • Show urgency – Provide scarce or time-sensitive offer 
  • Ask a query, comment, feedback 
  • Cut short – Reduce the space 
  • Add an offer which can’t be refused and instills some curiosity 

4. Design & Layout

Set-up a mobile-friendly website and check your email template looking perfect on mobile concerning colors, fonts, alignment, like buttons, etc. Ensure that these are fitting to the mobile screen. The next big thing in the design is CTA placement, text, and size, making an attractive copy blend of alluring visuals and testing a few versions before sending it to the customers.

5. Segmentation

We may not convince all target audiences with a single email, so segment your users based on multiple factors to optimize your email campaign by providing effective mail to each user, and they are as follows:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Age
  • Interest Group
  • Gender
  • Subscribed Date

According to the familiar email marketing provider, the segment campaigns have a 14 percent more open rate than non-segmented ones. In the second phase, focus on the most engaged users list.

Generally, the starters of email marketing will focus on the least exciting segment by giving more priority to the unsubscribed rate.  

6. Add Creativity and Run Test

Many factors affect the email ‘open rate,’ change the offers, discounts, text alignment, colors, and change your sending time based on click-through rates. Divide your list, segment the users, send emails with different subject lines, and vary the strategy by changing a few factors. Experiment in all the areas and measure the results.

7. Develop Action-Oriented Plan

Identify the marketing goal, needed CTA, and create user journey on multiple channels. Include your CTA on the sales page, the start of the email, anywhere that has valuable information.

There are numerous CTAs such as a discount, demo video, click more that diverts to read an interesting topic. Don’t write so much text on email, and instead add value to the customers by providing captivating content. Give more reasons to the target users to click your email.

Wrapping Up

Whatever may be the reason, CTR boosting is like a trial and error for any brand. Make some time to add creativity, use the right tools, and fun elements to experiment with. Digital marketing is all about trying new things every day. Keeping efforts on essential digital marketing strategies ensures firmly stand on the industry pinnacle.