Event Website

First of all, every business activity today requires a website. It’s not a surprise that events are an integral part of any marketing strategy, and along with other marketing activities, event planning starts from creating a website.

But Why do Companies Require an Event Website?

There are 7 reasons why companies opt for an event website to post and share contents related to upcoming events:

  1. To reach the audience who are searching for events in their area of interest that matches your business.
  2. To provide stimulating experience to the potential customers who visit your event website by enticing attendees through videos, image galleries and speaker interviews.
  3. Event website with integrated web analytics helps to analyze active users and identify demography of the audience and the channel from where customers are visiting your site.
  4. It also allows a company to answer common and redundant questions through FAQs.
  5. It gains more customer interest and trust to buy the ticket online if it is the company’s own website, instead of any third-party website.
  6. To facilitate more engagement from the attendees before and after the event.
  7. Event website helps to enhance the brand value and keep attendees connected through the event website.

Looking at these advantages of having an event website, you must be willing to create a website for your upcoming event, and why should you not? We will guide you to have your company’s event website.

Many Content Management Systems (CMS) are available at a much lower cost that could help you build an event website which can host your company event contents, such as WordPress, Wix, Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, etc. Each has a few similar and differentiating features and tools for creating a website.

Soon ONPASSIVE will be launching its upcoming Website Builder that would allow its founders (members) to develop websites with awesome templates and plugins for free of cost. You could also decide to create an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) or Mobile-Friendly Pages website. Check out this article to understand the difference between these two website building types.

If you click here, you will understand how to present your website with a great web designing strategy.

But in this article, we will help you to understand what an event website should have, which would help you achieve more engagement and pull more attendees on the main event day.

Step 1: Consider Using Attractive Web Design

Make sure your event site looks ‘Simple’. You don’t need additional promotions for your website or products and services. The website should be dedicated only to promote your events and to provide the best engaging experience to the visitors.

It’s easy to fill all unnecessary details on the website, but how to make a website site look simple?

  • Use a GIF in a loop with the brand logo on top of it, and a small description of the upcoming event.
  • Maintain consistency in the background color and the font style
web design
  • Use the Countdown Clock to create a sense of urgency. It tells visitors that limited time is left and if no action is taken in the displayed time, then tickets might not be available.
Timer on web page

Step 2: Use Engaging Content

Do not forget to create and update catchy relevant contents in the form of posters, blogs and videos for the audience to understand more about the event. These contents will help customers to decide whether to register or not for the event. Better the content higher the chance of registration.

  • Posters: These are the best way to display quotations, testimonials or expression of speakers, leaders or special guests of the events. The contents on these posters could also display positive feeling towards the brand or the company.
  • Blogs: Every industry is making use of content writers for 3 reasons – SEO, Brand awareness, and to resolve Customer issues. A Blog is the best medium to highlight features of an upcoming event, and it also helps to set expectations for the event. Any topic which is relevant to the event can be used to create a blog and create further curiosity to learn more and could also motivate others to register or even buy tickets to attend the event.
Blog community
  • Videos: If you want to give a hint of what they could expect in the company’s upcoming event, then videos are the best way to display a glimpse of previous year’s event highlights and customer experiences.
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If you can handle the web design and the content for your event website, then we guarantee the success of your upcoming event. We hope the steps mentioned above would help you to achieve expected results and customer feedback from the events ahead. Happy Website Building!!!