Earning top rank on the Google search page is the primary step towards success for any online business. The top-ranking serves as an opportunity to gain users' reach. So, companies aspire to achieve a better rank. 

As a fact, Google's ranking factors are many, and its algorithm keeps changing, about which no one except the inner circle of Google is aware. Nothing to worry! Implementing some SEO standards will ensure a better Google ranking. 

Having said this, now the question lies in how to gain a better Google ranking? What steps and practices have to be followed to achieve it. Let us explore the details. 

SEO strategy 

1. Quality content: Content should give useful and appropriate information to the users. The content quality should not comprise grammar, presentation, style, and engagement.

2. Keywords: Content should include the necessary keywords wherever found suitable. Especially, including the keywords in the title and the subheading truly matter. Google searches for the keywords typed by the user in your blog content. At the same time, it looks for the most relevant and quality content. Try to instill the keywords naturally but not for the sake of the including. This creates a negative impact on the user. 

3. Presentation: No user would be interested to read lengthy and continuous content, right? So, it is required to present short paragraphs. Moreover, bullet points build more attention to the existing content. Apart from this, the introduction is, of course, significant as it creates a path to the subject details. The conclusion matters as it can drive the users to take the required action. Most importantly, defining an appropriate CTA will enhance chances for better promotion. 

4. Post images: Considering original images is highly fetching for business. Images from other sources can be used. However, it is recommended to have authentic images. 

5. Meta description: Writing original and compelling meta descriptions helps gain a better rank. Statistics reveal that the write-ups with attractive meta descriptions experience more excellent click-through rates. 

Significant points to note while coming up with Meta descriptions:

1. Define a meta description of 150 characters

2. Promise what is in the content 

6. Link building: Link building forms a significant part of the SEO strategy. A right backlinking will help improve the Google ranking.

7. Enhance performance: One might observe that the pages performing well are no longer doing the same. The key lies in assessing areas requiring growth and making the necessary improvements, as this lies prominently to enhance Google's ranking.

At the same time, try identifying pages driving huge traffic and what is causing it to happen. Try to sort them in order so that low traffic generating pages can be known. With some tips and suggestions, such areas would derive more traffic than expected. 

Below stated are a few tips for enhancements:

  • Update the old data with the new one
  • See that crisp and effective content turns up on the page instead of long paragraphs.
  • Nothing wrong if the content has insignificant keywords. Chances do lie to gain prominence by re-optimizing the page with the important keywords that are more likely to drive traffic. 

8. Dwell time: Google assesses the dwell time of a user on a web page. The more is the dwell time, the better is the rank.

Now, let us know how to increase the dwell time:

1. Include links in the content that navigate to the relevant content so that the users stay on your page for a longer time

2. And, of course, introductions matter, for they should be effective enough to drive the users to the details of the content in a short time.

Conclusion :

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