Most of us often focus more on creating the perfect brand name and logo design. What about creating a winning brand tagline? Don’t you think a brand tagline is as essential as a brand name and logo? We say, yes! A brand tagline is also called a brand motto as it provides customers an indication of the brand offerings and promises.

You may have come across different interesting taglines, such as do it, think differently, open happiness, America runs on Dunkin, and much more. But, have you ever examined what these taglines have in common? All these taglines evoke in your mind the brand they’re associated with. A winning brand tagline can keep your brand in the forefront of customers’ minds.

Often, we see ads online and do not realize what product was being sold. Besides, we have found brand taglines that are longer than the email itself or take a significant portion of the brochure. If you’re not serious about creating a winning brand tagline, you may fall in the same trap. By interviewing successful business leaders, we have gathered some tips on creating a winning brand tagline.

How to Create a Winning Brand Tagline

#1: Keep it Simple

To create a winning brand, try to keep the tagline simple and easy to memorize. Your tagline must be one that explains your business’ core motives in as small as three to five words. If you’re able to communicate your business vision through your brand tagline, you’ve won half the battle.

You may be familiar with Apple’s tagline, ‘Think different.’ If the company had opted more extended taglines like ‘Think different from our products’ or anything else, it would not have been one of today’s best taglines.  To create a winning brand- it is advisable to keep your tagline below nine words.

#2: Make it Lead-Centric

Today, we come across various taglines that are generic are vague. Some brands don’t spend time creating a winning brand tagline; they use some of the focus keywords or general phrases. It is practically not the right approach to create a winning brand. A good organization must make its tagline focusing on your tagline should be compelling enough to make people remember your presence.

#3: Tell a Story

All brands have their unique stories. To create a winning brand and position in the marketplace, companies will need to convey their stories using the brand tagline. Your brand tagline must precisely communicate your brand story and connect with people emotionally. Also, never select a brand tagline that’s entirely different from your brand name and logo. Ensure your tagline compliments your brand name and logo.

#4: Define Your Offerings

We have already said that the best taglines must be simple, unique, and memorable. But, we missed a significant point; taglines must also be functional. To create a winning brand tagline, you should not choose phrases that are not related to your products or services. You may focus on taglines that compliment your essential services or products. Also, it should make your business different from your competitors.

#5:  Crystal Clear Communication

A winning brand tagline is that which provides a clear picture of what your business does. As the marketplace is changing rapidly, your brand tagline shouldn’t include phrases that denote a specific time. Think of longevity while creating a winning brand tagline. Besides, the tagline must clarify the things you’re looking to convey to your target customers.

#6: Focus on Target Market 

Consider whether your target audiences are local, national, or international while create a winning brand tagline. If your audiences are local, you can consider creating taglines in your native language. If you’re targeting international customers, your tagline must follow the international standard.

#7: Uniqueness of the Brand 

Do you know what your brand’s key USP is?  Or, what makes your brand unique from others? Initially, identify your USP and create a tagline that is closely related to your core USP. To create a winning brand tagline, try to incorporate some catchy words matching your core services or products.

#8: Take Inputs from All Teams

It’s not always necessary that entrepreneurs and business leaders are creative in sorts of creating a tagline. So, consider taking help from your employees or friends to create a winning brand tagline. Some brands also run contests through social media and take followers’ opinions. It enhances not only customer interaction but also aids brands in selecting the winning brand tagline.


To create a winning brand tagline, you must invest almost the same amount of time you plan to devote to the brand’s name, logo, and website designing. Once you’ve selected your tagline, ensure that it’s memorable, short, different, and conveys your brand identity. Moreover, ensure that your brand tagline adds to the brand name’s meaning and clearly defines your offerings.