Onpassive Startup

I was wondered why people waste much time in searching for the shortcuts to entrepreneurial success and fulfilment. The only way for success is by starting them right in the face. Entrepreneurs who start their business for real success will employ real people to provide real products and services for potential customers.

That’s hard and will be a lot of work. No worries, look on the bright side and the correct path. Do what you want to do and in your way too. You have to start at some point, and the ideas and opportunities can’t emerge automatically.

Start by learning and analyzing a marketable skill and work, this the only way that I know. In my opinion, this is the path where ideas, opportunities, partners, and finances always come from. You should work hard for this; success will be sweet after hard work.

Here are the success stories of the company’s which motives you. Why late, come will have a look at startup business success stories.

The Pierre Omidyar way:

A computer programmer started selling stuff from his website in 1995. AutionWeb, it was his project, but Omidyar started charging people fees as the amount of web traffic made his website as a business Internet account. Now, the site is famous and known as eBay, and he hired his first employee to handle all the payment activities.

The John Ferolito and Don Vultaggio way:

Brooklyn friends started distributing beer out of the back of an old VW bus in the ’70s. After two years, they decided to give a try on soft drinks and launched Arizona Green Tea. Arizona tea is the no.1 in America and distributed worldwide now. 

The Matt Maloney and Mike Evans way:

There was a Chicago software developer who works on lookup searches for apartments.com. They thought why isn’t there a one-stop-shop to deliver food while got sick of calling restaurants in search of takeout food, and the bulb went off. That’s they got an idea to start GrubHub last April and valued more than $3 billion.

The Joe Coulombe way:

Joe Colombe got an idea after operating a small chain of convenience in Southern California. In Pasadena, he opened a tropical-themed market when a mobile college wants something better than 7-11. Started the company with good wine and booze, also hired efficient people and paid them well. He then added healthy and more locations near universities. That’s the journey he started.

The Howard Schultz way:

A young marketer who works as a Seattle coffee roaster got up with an idea to upscale espresso cafes like they have in Italy. His employer agreed to finance Schultz’s endeavor though he is not interested in his coffee shops. Also, they sold their brand name as well as Starbucks.

The Phil Robertson way:

There was a person who loves duck hunting and invented a duck call. He started a company with the name Duck Commander and put his son Willy as a charge. And this hatched a media and merchandising empire for rednecks and known as Duck Dynasty.

The Konosuke Matsushita way: 

A 23-year-old apprentice came up with an improved light socket at the Osaka Electric Light Company with no formal education in Japan in 1917. Matsushita started making sample his own as his boss wasn’t interested. And expanded later with battery-powered bicycle lamps and other electronic products. Till 2008, the company is known as Matsushita Electric, and after that, the company officially changed its name to Panasonic and valued $66 billion. 

The Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs way:

These two college dropouts have added a disclosure to the computer world while working on game software together at Atari. They are friends since high school. Ron Wayne was also the Atari alumnus, who was the third founder of Apple. 

The Mark Zuckerberg way:

He got an idea of creating a consolidated database of university students when he was in his early 20s. Later he expanded with many innovative ideas to evolve as an innovative platform known as Facebook. 

These are the topmost startup business success Stories. There are full of possibilities and opportunities. You have to search for and make a brand in the world as there is no much time.

Please don’t waste time as it is limited and find something to do in your way.

Work hard and smart and be successful entrepreneurs in India.