Industry Disruption

Businesses do not disrupt; people do. You encourage corporate innovation and industry disruption through personal innovation and disruption. So how do you disrupt yourself?

When we think about disruption, we believe it usually has to come from being the first to procure some transformative new technology. But as we discussed before, the reality is that disruption often happens when people look at the technology already available to them and wish if they could make the best usage of that technology.

If you have a concept like that, then performing it will be easier than you think. To get you started, here are 9 steps you can take to get started with transformation. To help you think about your broader goals are along the way, we’ve broken the steps down into detailed categories as.

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Take the right risks:

Taking the right risk is about identifying the job that requires to be done. It’s about concentrating on what difficulty the customer needs solving. Taking the right risk is also about recognizing the job you want to be done. It is essential to remind yourself that starting something new means taking a risk. And there are multiple kinds of risks. In business, you must be able to differentiate between competitive risk and industry risk.

Studies have shown that market risk has six times the rate of success and 20 times potential revenue as compared to competitive risks. To decide the right kind of risk also means avoiding the wrong risks and recognizing jobs that no one else can do.

Flexible Work Experiences:

Disruptive companies are the ones who understand the lines that separate life, work, and play will continue to fade. Empowered workers have the versatility to move regularly throughout the day to their choice of workspace, using the tools they choose at the time and place they prefer. When they are pulled to the office, it’s to employ in a workplace environment designed to be collaborative, immersive, and comfortable.

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Digital Workplaces:

Encouraging employee readiness and action through a more consumerized work culture comes down to one basic concept: the digital workplace. By reimagining workplace technology, companies can secure their ability to empower the most innovative consumer-driven technologies within the workplace.

Digital Dexterity:

To be efficient, employees nowadays must have easy access to automatic, consumerized workplace technology. But to develop a more consumerized workforce, there must be a focus on the digital facility. That means building a strategy intended to provide employees with access to the tools they need to be fully engrossed towards the success of the organization.

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Customer Empathy:

Today, consumers are far more empowered and have come to anticipate that a solution is available for every problem they can imagine. With a substantial investment in qualitative research, studies, big data and quantitative surveys, and disruptors keep tabs on the pulse of customer needs to consistently find out problems customers didn’t even realize they had.

Give failure its due:

Our thinking about moving away from failure usually starts when we are children. But to accelerate growth, we must master failing gracefully.

Failure is heartbreaking, shameful, and often very upsetting. The ultimate key is to learn from failures and to build a positive personal narrative. Learn to let go and remember doers make mistakes.

Intelligent Growth Strategies:

Innovation is a central reason for industry disruption, but so is time to market. Flexible, competitive companies recognize the importance of a growth strategy that leaves place for buying and partnering — instead of just developing products. While some disruptive technologies are designed from the ground up, real disruption relies on prompt growth made possible by successful alliances and acquisitions.

Microscopic Insights:

Disruption hinges on a healthy dose of the correct data. Flexible companies remain consistently ahead of technology trends and consumer desires to be the first to offer new value — be it through predictive analytics, data science, a platform powered by IoT, a unique application for artificial intelligence, or something else altogether extraordinary.


It takes a real sense of entrepreneurship to make industry disruption possible. Failures and fixes take preference over perfection, and commitment to development is just as powerful through challenges as it is during successes. Disruptive companies don’t flee from setbacks, but instead run at full speed ahead through a constant cycle of experimenting, testing, learning, and repeating.

ONPASSIVE eco-system is the industry disruption that you have been waiting for so long. You must be aware of how Netflix and Airbnb have disrupted their industry, respectively, bringing in the latest trends and making use of the latest technologies to revolutionize the way how they used to do business earlier. ONPASSIVE is that guiding light for you that itself is a disruption in its own right, and the artificial intelligence eco-system is specifically designed to help you create your own industry disruption.

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