Team Bonding

Motivated employees, along with their talent, work productively more than unmotivated workers. People who are not inspired by the team or don’t share the same vision as the company can’t work efficiently and contribute to the team. Therefore, you’ll need to reinforce confidence and motivate them to contribute to the team more productively.

What’s the better way to build team bonding than games! People love games because they engage their mind and body and also create an opportunity to have fun. They’re a perfect solution to gel team members with each other and get along. Thus, here we list some excellent team-building games and exercises that are essential and recommended for improving productivity.

1. Truth and Lies

It is a simple game where the team should sit together, and each member should tell three facts and one lie about them – the lie shouldn’t be unbelievable though. The members can say these things in random order one by one. Later, the employees will have to tell which of the statements are lies. The activity can be best used as an icebreaker to introduce new employees to the team, and it can help understand the team members better.

2. Scavenger Hunt

You can group the members into two or three teams. Hand out a list of silly activities like taking a selfie with an unknown team member without their knowledge or with an animal or a bird. Collect a souvenir from your boss’s office or anything silly and fun. The activity will break any tension that exists inside the team.

3. Blind Drawing

Divide your employees into groups and make two employees against each other facing their backs. One person gets a picture, and the other person will have to draw based on the explanations. This improves communication within the team.

4. What’s My Name

Choose a team member randomly and stick a paper on her/his forehead with a celebrity name. The participant then has to go around, asking all the employees with a yes or no question until s/he guesses the right answer. It improves communication with the team members.

5. The Minefield

The activity has to be performed in an ample space – something like a parking lot or the roof. Choose a participant and blindfold her/him. Then ask other team members to litter the space with soda cans, bottles, or any other objects. Then another team member should guide the blindfolded participant to cross the area without stepping on any objects. The guide can give verbal cues for the other participant to follow. However, the blindfolded person can’t respond with words. This makes it more fun and engages team members to communicate with each other without inhibitions.

6. The Egg Drop

Have your team members collect office supplies to build a contraption to protect the egg from breaking when dropped. When the time is up, go to each team’s contraption and drop an egg on their building. Do it repetitively until one team is declared as a winner in the end. The activity helps in team coordination for problem-solving.

7.  Office Trivia

Create a group of 4-5 individuals and prepare a list of silly questions surrounding the office. The questions could be what color are the restroom tiles, or what colored cups are in the pantry, etc. This helps in team bonding and better coordination to perform the activity, and it’s fun too.

8. Plane Crash

Divide the staff into groups and create a scenario where their plane has crashed into an island and is deserted. Now they need to collect ten supplies from office for survival and prioritize them based on the urgent needs. The activity encourages communication and builds negotiation skills.

9. Tied Up

Group your staff into a team of 4-5 individuals and tie all their hands together with a rope. Then ask them to perform a task like making a sandwich or lemonade as fast as possible without sabotaging the operation. The activity improves team coordination when faced with challenges to perform their task.

Hence, these are the tasks you can try to improve team bonding with team building games and exercises. The employees will love them too, and you can see they will be more bonded with their team members and will coordinate better in the future team tasks.

In Conclusion, GoFounders is a leadership organization that has built strong, motivated teams. And through the GoFounders community, the team leaders share their positive ideas. The ideas shared improve the productivity of the team members and spread incredible positivity, team bonding, and motivation among the team members.