Build Brand Awareness

In the span of fewer than two decades, LinkedIn, a professional networking site, has acquired over 660 million users from across 200 countries. 

The primary intent behind the launch of this site was to connect job aspirants with prospective employers. However, today, LinkedIn is more than just that. It has now become an effective marketing channel. 

It is among the most effective platforms that help businesses build an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy. Besides that, if used the right way, it can help businesses create brand awareness and form long-term professional relationships. It has also proved to be effective for lead generation. Following are a few basic tips to develop an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy:

Outline your goals

The kind of content you post and how you distribute it on LinkedIn depends majorly on your ultimate objective. Thus, it is crucial to define your goals prior to creating your marketing strategy. 

As a functional business entity, you might have the following objectives: 

  • Create brand awareness
  • Build a relationship with the target audience
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Sell your product or service

Define your target audience 

If you want to build a solid LinkedIn marketing strategy, then you must understand your target audience. As you develop this understanding, you can offer the content that caters to the specific needs of your audience. 

Classify your audience based on different metrics as job title, location, field or industry. 

Besides that, get deeper insights into your existing audience so that you can build engagement and foster relationships with them. To learn about your audience and followers, you can refer to the analytics section on your company page.

Build an appealing & engaging company page 

How does your target audience will have the first interaction with your brand? It is through your LinkedIn company page. Thus, make sure that your company page makes it easier for your profile visitors or followers to learn everything that they want to know about your brand. 

Consider adding details about your products or services, company headquarters, employees, etc. 

Moreover, provide company logo, industry, website URL, company size, and other information. Having these details on your company page help boost your business’ credibility.

Also, consider publishing or sharing pertinent content in the feeds of your company page. Thereby, you can engage your audience.

Make your company page searchable

As you optimize your website, the same way, you need to optimize your LinkedIn company page. If you have a well-optimized company page, it becomes easier to increase its search results visibility. But how to do that? Let’s see: 

  • Use appropriate keywords: Learn what terms and phrases your target audience mostly use when they search about your products or services. Incorporate them as keywords into your company description and list of specialities. 
  • Track your website traffic to generate more leads.
  • Provide a link to your page: Inbound link profile mostly improves the search engine ranking of your page. Thus, ensure that you are providing links to your page. You can provide the link on various channels like website, social media profiles, blogs, newsletters, etc. Moreover, ask your employees to create their profiles on LinkedIn by adding your company as their employer. Thereby, you can create multiple links to your company page and improve your inbound link profile. 


LinkedIn is an effective platform that helps you connect your brand with peers and senior-level influencers. Today its popularity has reached the zenith as it has been usedwidely as a powerful marketing tool.

Keeping the growing importance of this medium in mind, you must start building a powerful LinkedIn marketing strategy and get your business ahead.