Understanding Sales Funnels

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In this article, we will be looking into understanding how funnels are crucial especially from a beginner’s point of view. The most organic system for getting more customers and making them fall in love with the brand.

So What Exactly is a Marketing Funnel?

The marketing funnel is simply a system, which can be designed in attracting and converting customers or clients with the help of your business. Online marketing forms the crux of a marketing funnel and the various components of this form of marketing are:

  • Awareness: Attracting the target audience that your business is catered towards. This is the advantage of the marketing funnel and people can know more about your product, company and brand! Some of the various channels that can be utilized are Google, YouTube and Online communities.
  • Interest: You must show that you offer an incredibly viable solution to the problem. This step is responsible for captivating the audience and building interest among your customers as well!
  • Consideration: This step helps to convince your audience that you offer the right solutions to any kind of problems.
  • Conversion: The final step in the process helps to give a final push and find a compelling reason for buying products.

What are the Advantages of Using Marketing Funnels?

Understanding the fundamentals of a marketing funnel is not difficult and by applying a proper strategy, you can reach your goals much quicker. There are many different benefits of using marketing funnel which are:

  • An increase in sales with the help of personalized and nurturing leads.
  • These type of funnels are great as they help to provide more detailed insight into the behaviour of leads.
  • The marketing funnel process can be more automated and this also helps in saving more time and effort as well.
  • Marketing funnels are great as they help to create more trust and awareness among your leads, especially in creating more brand value.
  • There are lesser errors due to human intervention and the system can be automated as well.

What are Some Quick Examples of Marketing Funnels?

There are countless examples of big businesses and organizations which utilize sales and marketing funnels in achieving specific goals. These organizations are great as they can help to build more awareness, interest, decision and action!

Businesses are well catered to figuring out how to market their products or services. The biggest examples of marketing funnels are:

  1. Netflix
  2. Groupon
  3. Helpscout
  4. AutoGrow
  5. Basecamp
  6. Planscope
  7. Harvest
  8. CrazyEgg
  9. Perfect Audience

In conclusion, this was a quick beginners guide to understanding marketing funnels. In the next article, we will be learning more in-depth about how sales funnel work! Thanks for reading.