URL Shorteners

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In this article, we will discuss what a URL shortener is and why you should use it. Utilising a URL shortener is great as there are many advantages to using it. Before we learn about the different aspects and uses of URL shorteners, we must first learn to define it.

How do you define a URL shortener?

It is a simple tool which takes a long URL and converts it into any URL that you like to be. A URL shortener helps to trim URL which is incredibly long and contains long junk text needs to be shortened, to make it easily readable.

A URL shortener also goes by many different names such as link shortener, link compressor, URL condenser and a vanity URL creator. Let us look into the different aspects and understand URL shorteners better.

How did URL shorteners originate?

Links are the best way to get from one place to another on the web. No matter how you start searching for something online, you will have to click on links to get across to different webpages online.

It is recommended that you use your own custom domain while sharing links as this leads to increased trust on your links, awareness of your brand and click-through rate.

Links can be shared directly by embedding them in the anchor text or by using a URL

Custom URL Shortener – What is it?

It is also known as a brand URL shortener, which connects a custom domain of a URL shortener and acts as a base for the different short links created.

Unlike using domain shorteners which are generic such as bit.ly can help to make URLs which are custom in nature. This was primarily influenced by the advent of Twitter, which had a limit on the number of characters that can be published.

Besides trim URL what are some of the things a URL shortener can do?

1.Link masking:

URL can be great for hiding or beautifying an ugly affiliate link. This means that shortening a lengthy domain will be incredibly beneficial. This also helps in tracking how many people click on a specific link. This is the best practice in digital marketing.

2.Link shortening:

By shortening a URL, from a longer one it is possible to share these URLs on social media more frequently. Thus, the shorter the link the better it is.

3.Link retargeting:

This is the number one reason to shorten a link and you can measure the number of real visitors coming to your site, along with a conversion rate. Link tracking is so important, whether it is for professional or personal reasons.

In conclusion, this was a beginner’s guide to understanding and using URL shorteners. They are all great for productivity hacks, tracking and reporting results for your business. Good luck to you, for shortening your links in the future!