anita olsen

Finally, I can stop searching after 32 years!  Yes, I know it will give away my age but I have been dreaming and searching for a passive income since I was just 20 years old.  I worked all my life but I was always looking for that “something better”.

I dreamed of having a big team and being a top earner and standing on stage to receive my dream car and holiday awards. I am certain there are thousands out there who have had that dream too. I joined many MLM businesses and one day I got that recognition award. It was a pin. Yes, a pin, earned due to the amount of stock I purchased!  

Now I am not blaming the companies or the products at all. It is a tough business model to conquer and only a small percentage are truly successful. I finally realised I just wasn’t’ going to be one of them. I ended up investing in High Yield Investment Programs. Every one of them was a scam. I lost money and was losing any hope of having a passive income and a decent retirement fund.   

Then in August 2018, I was sent a video. I listened carefully and my thoughts were that Ash Mufareh was not only a genius but an Angel too.  Someone who had a dream and a vision that would change lives.  An all done for you marketing solution where everyone succeeds! No problem if you don’t have an existing business to link to the system because there is also a built-in lifetime passive income opportunity too.  A dream come true for not only me but for millions out there.

I grabbed my founder position with both hands and have never been more excited about any other opportunity.  

Thank you so much Ash.