“ONPASSIVE proudly participated in the 26th Arab African Investment & International Cooperation Exhibition and Conference, held from October 30th to November 3rd, 2023, under the theme ‘Youth: The Axis of Development – Opportunities and Challenges.’ This remarkable event was organized under the auspices of the Egyptian Cabinet and the Arab League”. “In this era, the world is witnessing a fierce race in the digital transformation field. Therefore, we recognize the increasing importance of Arab and African economy adopting these technologies and products. This adoption will positively contribute to enhancing the national economy and increasing domestic production. Consequently, this will help sustain national resources in the best possible way, serving future generations beyond estimation.”

“Engineer Mohamed Kamal, the CEO of ONPASSIVE, stated, ‘We are committed to providing advanced, secure technology and products to support and facilitate business operations, regardless of their size. We are working on developing marketing tools and relationship management with stakeholders in the automation and digital transformation field. We fully understand that today’s economic growth relies on digital and intelligent marketing using the latest smart technologies.'”

Day One

“In her opening speech, Dr. Huda Yassa, the President of the Arab Investors Union, addressed the importance of investment and its relationship with peace and soft diplomacy for comprehensive sustainable economic development. She emphasized that the economy drives development, and development creates mutual interests between Arab and African countries, especially during these critical times the Arab world is going through. Hence, there is a need to promote religious and medical tourism among Arab countries.”

“In her inspiring address, Mrs. Tamara Vučić, the First Lady of Serbia, shed light on Egypt’s importance as a destination that reflects peace, stating that Egypt offers a unique perspective on life. Tamara highlighted the strong and deep relationship between Egypt and Serbia, which began in 1961 and continued through the decades.” “Moreover, Mrs. Tamara emphasized the pivotal role of women in entrepreneurship and stated that their dedication and excellence serve as an inspiration to all. She also emphasized the importance of supporting youth, who represent a vital source for the nation’s future. She pointed out that young people face numerous opportunities and challenges, with education being one of the most significant challenges. Therefore, she called for an increase in educational scholarships for the youth to empower them and secure the future.” “In closing, Tamara reiterated that global problems and challenges cannot be solved locally and encouraged international cooperation to face them more effectively.”

“In his speech, Engineer Abdel Hakim Al-Hindi, the Chairman of the Tourism and Heritage Committee in the Jordanian House of Lords, highlighted the significance of the ‘For My Country and Arab unity initiative’. He stressed that much work needs to be done for our country in the field of religious tourism and attracting tourists from various nationalities.” “He underlined the importance of thinking outside the box and exploring opportunities within the limited resources available to the country. He expressed his desire to double the number of tourists in the country and make it a distinctive tourist destination. He emphasized that the primary challenge today is to convince the world that tourism in Arab countries is safe and accessible for everyone.”

Day Two

Dr. Khaled Shukri, a professor of cardiology and vascular diseases, spoke emphatically about the importance of medical tourism and the provision of excellent healthcare services in this context. He emphasized the necessary international collaboration to enhance this aspect of medical tourism, especially in collaboration with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the participating countries in the conference. He also highlighted that improving healthcare services and providing them with high quality are vital. He praised the role of civil society and the armed forces in achieving this improvement. There was also a focus on the “For Your Country initiative and its importance”, in addition to the role of the Arab Unit and international cooperation in achieving progress in this vital aspect.

Professor Suzan Elkalliny, the media and academic consultant for ONPASSIVE, participated in her session on digital transformation and modern technology to keep up with global trends. She emphasized the importance of digital transformation as a key pillar of societal development and achieving sustainable development. She pointed out that technology is evolving rapidly, and it is essential to keep pace with this evolution and possess modern-age tools. She also noted that artificial intelligence has become a significant trend in the current era but is a double-edged sword. Therefore, ONPASSIVE pays special attention to raising awareness of safe and responsible AI usage. ONPASSIVE provides training courses for individuals, companies, and institutions, and supports media highlighting this issue. Finally, she stressed the importance that interacting with technology and progress is not just a technical matter but an ethical commitment to social responsibility. She praised the existence of a pure Arab AI company, ONPASSIVE, which offers secure smart technological solutions for children, youth, entrepreneurs, and serves all sectors and institutions.

Engineer Mohamed Kamal, the CEO of ONPASSIVE, stated that the company is a UAE-based company founded in 2018, with its headquarters in Dubai and a technical center in Hyderabad, in addition to branches in Egypt, the United States, and Singapore. When subscribing to ONPASSIVE’s services, customers can access a single place where they get all their products and benefit from an integrated ecosystem based on secure artificial intelligence technologies. He said that our presence at the Arab African Conference is our expansion into Africa and all Arab countries, as ONPASSIVE is expanding in the African region and all Arab countries, taking advantage of significant investment opportunities in various sectors such as communications, human resources, healthcare, education, tourism, and travel. The company provides smart and secure systems to meet the needs of businesses and customers in multiple fields.

Day Three

Dr. Tarek Tantawi, the CEO of ONPASSIVE Egypt, spoke during the Integrated Industries session about opening new export markets. He emphasized that Business means nothing but production and believes in commerce that follows production. He stressed the importance of exporting technology, and he talked about the services provided by ONPASSIVE in Egypt, including business training programs and management consulting services. They also provide corporate restructuring and conferences that support business investment. There is a monthly meeting where the main reasons for business failure are discussed.

Lisa Iqoli, a health consultant, and leadership expert from the United States, highlighted the importance of leadership in the healthcare sector. She pointed out that intelligent and effective leadership, including cooperation and good interaction with the surroundings, can lead to remarkable results. She emphasized the importance of developing proper leadership skills in this era, noting that training in leadership is necessary. She also emphasized various influencing factors on developing leadership skills, such as gender, age, and others. She stressed the importance of investing in achieving sustainable development by developing and enhancing leadership skills in the healthcare sector.

In conclusion

ONPASSIVE takes pride in its distinguished participation in the Arab African Investment Conference, where it succeeded in inspiring and impressing the attendees through the secure technology it offers. As a company specializing in technology and secure artificial intelligence, we are committed to promoting digital transformation and machine learning to support the economic and social growth of Arab and African countries. We strongly encourage all sectors, whether government, private, or joint partnerships, to actively participate in digital transformation and machine learning processes. However, this is not all; we emphasize that technological progress and economic growth are integral to the social and economic development of countries and peoples. These goals reflect the national aspirations and developmental agendas of all leaders and governments.

Therefore, we invite everyone to join our safe and inspiring ecosystem at ONPASSIVE to build a better and more advanced future. Join us and be part of a bright progress that can achieve prosperity for all.