Best tool for accounting software

In the fast-paced world, financial activities are supposed to be accomplished on time.  At the same time, the outcome should maintain quality too. That is what any accounting software can do. Let us gain some basic idea about accounting software and later dig deep into types of accounting software.

Accounting software

For any business, the flow of money happens. Tracking each transaction can help know the balance amount, due amount, receivable and payable.  As a business grows, managing such flow is cumbersome. So, businesses are suggested to adopt accounting software to avoid redundancy, maintain records for easy tracking and retrievals, save time and effort.

Types of accounting software

Based on the business needs, accounting software can be categorized into the following types:

  1. Invoicing: Daily, business relationships are dealt with. Payments and receivables happen commonly. Invoicing accounting software is mainly concerned with cheques, purchase orders, invoices, receipts and approvals.  Also, due amount specifications and reminders work effectively with invoicing.
  2. Payroll execution: This kind of accounting software mainly deals with employee payments. Also, the software benefits organizations to deposit employees salaries into the bank account. Moreover, it takes care to generate automatic payslips for all the employees.

Online accounting systems have never been so attractive. Let us see some of the incredible features supported by an online accounting system.

  • As frequent updates creep into the system, information stored on the system should be consistent and accurate.
  • Different roles with an organization should access the information relating to them, ensuring work collaboration.
  • Access to the various features of the software should be anytime and anywhere. Results are accomplished with few clicks.
  • Data must be encrypted, ensuring only authorized access
  • Should generate simple and understandable reports.

 How about startups? What is the accounting software that suits them? Let us discuss those details:

ONPASSIVE’s accounting software for startups:

Artificial intelligence is the latest trend. Applications incorporating AI would generate intelligent solutions. Likewise, AI built accounting systems can outstand the traditional systems. At the same time, cloud-based systems remove complexities and enable a smooth flow of operations even from a remote location.

Significant products covering the comprehensive aspects of any business have resulted from ONPASSIVE, an AI-powered organization. Concerning the accounting software, the results of O-Counting are helpful.

Some of the significant contributions of the O-Counting include the following:

  • Inventory management is a tedious task. The task would be no longer be tough with O-Counting as the tool enables automation and avoids redundancy.
  • Tracking of payables and receivables turn easy. The complete record of sales, purchase orders, invoices are maintained.
  • A user might hold multiple accounts in multiple bank branches. Traditionally, the work proves cumbersome. Any financial transactions happening across various branches can be easily identified and updated instantly with the help of the tool.
  • The tool supports multi currencies. So, the currency is no longer a barrier to financial transactions.
  • Secure systems are most sought by any user. That is what the tool can support. While customization holds no exception. Rich customizable features can attract and engage users.
  • The ability to deal with massive data sets avoids human errors. A slight error can spoil reputation and lose customer’s confidence and trust.
  • The database can highly support complex and huge data storage and retrieves apt results for the given search criteria.


The role of online accounting software is prominent. Leveraging it can derive the best benefits. Choosing the type of accounting software varies with the business essentials.

  • Lead supports businesses with their accounting system, fulfilling the best features of any accounting software. Make the most of it and derive the benefits.