Acquire More Leads through Your Existing Email

When it comes to lead generation, it’s been confirmed that email marketing is the best bet. With the best practices and strategy, emails can be your perfect lead generating tool. Though, any radical difference in results doesn’t happen overnight. Each email marketing strategy requires the right approach, contacts, and methods to produce a positive outcome. 

The method of lead generation is a constant one, and slowly, it takes momentum. Following the practices we discussed here, brands or marketers can surely boost their lead generation through emails and even generate leads from their already existing mailing list.

The days of sending a newsletter email to your whole marketing database are over (or must be), email marketing isn’t dead. For a matter of fact, if you do email marketing correctly, you can generate a massive number of new leads.

But if you think you’re only emailing the existing leads. But how can you probably acquire new leads from email marketing? Easy: Acquire your leads to do your email marketing by encouraging them to share the proposition they signed up for with their colleagues and friends.

In this article, we’ll discover how to generate fresh leads per month by adding a simple key to some of your marketing assets.

So how to Encourage Leads to Share Your Content?

First, you must design a simple call-to-action encouraging your leads to share your offer through email. Once you add one of these keys to your email or website, transform it into a personalized email link. 

It’s a hyperlink that applies mail to rather than https://, therefore when a lead clicks on this button, a new email compose window pops up rather than a link to a website.

Setting up this mail to link is quite simple — you can customize the link to include your pre-populated body content and subject line.

Why These Buttons Work?

While most marketers talk of social proof in the context of social media, email can be more productive at encouraging new lead generation than social media.

  • The Thank-You Page or Confirmation Page

When a particular lead fills out the contact form and receives a marketing offer from you, that’s an excellent place to urge them to share the offer with their colleagues and friends. Here are a few instances of how you can include these buttons on your thank-you pages.

  • Your Follow-Up Email or Auto-Response Email

Irrespective of whether you present leads with their offer on the thank-you page or not, you must think about sending them a follow-up mail to refer to at any time in the future. This mail must be very clear and must include:

  • The email share button
  • A link or URL to wherever they can get the offer from
  • And A call-to-action for whatever the next stage in your purchasing cycle is, if suitable (sometimes, you’ll want to save this for your lead sustaining campaigns, so that you’re not too aggressive off the bat)

Marketing Email Drafts:

Probably your email campaigns will be intensely targeted towards particular sections of your leads. But even if this is the case, there are some offers you might promote in which your recipients might think their colleagues or friends will appreciate the content, too. In such a case, present them the opportunity to share your offer.

How to Measure Your Results:

While designing the personalized message in your mail to link, ensure including a tracking URL so that you may track how much leads and traffic your “Email to a Friend” keys generate from the leads who sent these emails. 

Then you can see exactly how many new contacts, how much traffic, and also how many customers emerged from your “Email to a Friend” switch.

You can utilize a URL shortening service to track how many times people have clicked on the link within the email. Though, you wouldn’t be able to track the number of leads or consumers created.

So if you’re trying to get more out of your lead generation practice, try out this “Email to a Friend” key. With this mere addition, email marketing will become a top lead generation channel for you too!

Lastly, the essential thing to do on your part is to evaluate your email campaign before clicking the send button. It is necessary to run A/B testing on your email campaign and analyze its performance. Be it color change or allocation of Call To Action button or any content errors, and the test will help you recognize the loopholes and correct them before reaching the audience. A well-designed and strategized email marketing campaign can help you yield desired lead counts.