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Do you know who Larry is? If you are thinking about one of Google’s co-founders – Larry Page, then you’re wrong. Larry is the name of the bird you see on Twitter’s logo. Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for marketers to boost their marketing campaigns. Check this blog to know the importance of Twitter for successful brand building. With millions of tweets sent per day, it can be easy for you to leverage the benefits of Twitter to build your brand. 

Here are some of the effective paid campaigns on Twitter to boost your brand awareness:

By Using Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets appear on your targeted audiences’ timelines. Promoted tweets are the tweets for which you pay to display to people across Twitter. Promoted tweets will also be shown to people who are not following your account. They are just like normal tweets which can be retweeted, liked, and so on. They look just like regular tweets except that they will be labelled as “Promoted”. These Tweets will help in bringing you more audience if they are interested in what you are doing.

By Using Promoted Accounts

If you have an account on Twitter, it can be promoted too. Promoted Accounts AKA Followers campaigns let you promote your account to a targeted audience who don’t follow you yet. Promoted Accounts will be displayed in potential audience timelines, also in the ‘Follow suggestions’ and ‘search results’. They also include a Follow button which will help users who are interested in your account to follow you for more updates. You can leverage this to bring in new prospects to your business.

By Using Promoted Trends

Twitter trends are more like hash tags, it is the most talked-about topics that are trending on Twitter. This appears on users’ timelines, on the Explore tab and also in the Twitter app. When you promote trends, it allows you to promote a hash tag at the top of that list. Research on the topic that is trending and related to your business. When users click on your Twitter trends, they see an organic list of search results for the topic. By this, you get more organic exposure to your account and increase your brand awareness.

brand awareness

Choose the right Ad Placement and Right Target Audience

When you are promoting tweets, Twitter will give you a list of your existing tweets that you can choose to promote. You can also choose to create a new tweet specifically for your ad or add the existing one. Twitter gives Ad placements options for you to choose where you want your ad to be displayed for better results.

Twitter also gives you various options to choose your target audience. You can start with demographic targeting by defining your audiences by gender, age group, location and interests. Select the right ones that you see the fit for your business.

Take advantage of any social media marketing campaigns to build your business brand, because it is the cheapest and most effective marketing trick anyone can use online. Social media is one of the most helpful platforms for people to engage with others. It is the best place for any brand to succeed in getting more traffic and increase their brand awareness.