Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is already having an impact on our internet activities. With the introduction of chatbots into the messaging world, marketing trends leverage AI to replace sales professionals. Still, AI will influence internet behaviour in many more ways today and in the future. 

Many businesses and the marketing departments that support them quickly implement clever technology solutions to boost operational efficiency while also enhancing customer satisfaction. Marketers can use these platforms to get a more nuanced and comprehensive view of their target market. The information gleaned from this procedure can subsequently be leveraged to increase conversions while also reducing marketing teams’ effort.

Let’s take a look at the use of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing 

Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing makes automated decisions to collect data, analysis, and further observations of audience or economic patterns that may influence marketing efforts. AI is frequently utilized in marketing campaigns where speed is critical. 

AI systems learn how to engage with customers based on data and customer profiles effectively, then give them personalized messages at the perfect time without the need for marketing team involvement, ensuring optimal productivity. Many marketers turn to artificial intelligence (AI) to assist their marketing teams or carry out more tactical tasks requiring less human expertise.

The following are some examples of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing applications:

  • Analysis Of Data
  • Processing Of Natural Language
  • Purchasing Of Media
  • Automated Decision-Making
  • Creation Of Content
  • Customization In Real-Time

Top AI Marketing Tools

If you want to implement artificial intelligence in your company or add a new AI marketing tool to your tech stack, here’s a list of carefully curated free and paid AI Marketing tool that can help you boost your marketing efforts right away. Content marketing, PPC, email marketing, creative design, B2B, and other tasks can benefit from Artificial Intelligence in Marketing solutions.


InstaText is a simple writing and editing tool that assists you in rewriting your content such that you are understood and seen as a professional. InstaText enhances the readability and comprehension of your material by improving styling and word choice, correcting grammatical problems, and enriching it in ways that no other solution can. InstaText makes it simple to polish rough draughts of articles and marketing copy in a fraction of the time. 


MarketMuse saves content marketers a lot of time on marketing strategy, SEO, and content research. This programme examines your content using artificial intelligence to determine whether a page is relevant to your primary keyword. It then delivers keyword insights and improvement suggestions, resulting in higher search ranks and more organic visitors. Content production is another area where MarketMuse can help. If you give the AI marketing platform a topic, it will generate a whole framework for a new post, complete with pertinent sections and titles, saving content writers a lot of time during the research step.


Grammarly is an intelligent proofreading programme. Unlike your word processor’s spell checker, Grammarly can be connected to your browser and flags errors in emails and blog postings. This AI Marketing tool can provide advice on engagement, delivery, and clarity in addition to basic editing. Simply said, this tool will help you become a better writer.

This AI tool can customize suggestions based on the piece’s aim in addition to checking for grammar. This will assist in guide recommendations, which may be more permissive for a casual/friendly article but tougher for formal/academic work.


Have you ever put off replying to your company’s Facebook messages or felt the need to recruit a full-time employee to keep up? With Chatfuel’s clever bot, you can automate this process. You may engage with prospects 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no coding skills required, by automating FAQs or connecting warm leads to living sales agents. This famous tool powers roughly half of all Facebook chatbots, assisting businesses of all sizes in increasing sales and responding to customer concerns.


Another time-consuming chore that can now be automated with clever solutions like Yotpo is managing customer reviews. Its moderating tool analyses consumer feedback and feelings, offering you information to help you better your products and services. It can also be used to increase sales by pulling relevant data from previous customer reviews and presenting it to potential customers. Yotpo also includes tools to assist in the creation and management of reward programmes and SMS marketing. It works with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and other major eCommerce systems.

If you are looking for an Email marketing tool, O-Post by ONPASSIVE is an ideal choice. O-Post has various features, which include announcing campaigns, notifications and many more.


Your company may not have the automated decision-making funding of Netflix or Google to develop actual artificial intelligence applications to assist you in automated decision-making, increase sales and forecast customer behaviour. Even if your office is closed, you can still construct a simple or complex marketing or sales chatbot to assist you with consumer questions. You may easily programme your chatbot or hire a marketing agency to assist you in the process. Contact us for switching to an AI-built marketing tool.