Artificial Intelligence and Smart Chatbots Transforming HR Operations

Artificial Intelligence and smart chatbots have become a powerful and important growth factor in every major industry worldwide. From healthcare and retail sector to media and marketing sector, AI’s influence is inevitable.

With large employee datasets, AI and smart chatbots are redefining and simplifying HR operation in numerous ways. The recruitment and onboarding process have become easier than before, thanks to AI and chatbots. Its ability to analyze large data is helping HR team to get an insight about individual employees and improve employee satisfaction level. Here, we will discuss on how AI and smart chatbots helps in HR-related processes.

Recruiting New Talents

Artificial Intelligence’s ability to analyze large datasets makes the recruitment process much easier for hiring managers. Conventionally, the process of screening profiles and identifying the right candidate suitable for the role was a time consuming and tedious task for HR managers. Spending a huge time on screening profile is a drawback for the company because the job market is becoming highly competitive and rival companies will also be in a hustle to find the perfect candidate. Hence, hiring process has to be quick.

Artificial Intelligence allows the company to speed up the recruitment process by analyzing end number of candidates’ profiles to check if his/her skills aligns with the skills of successful employees with same job description. AI based recruitment process encourages an inclusive working environment by eliminating human bias in recruiting process. Meanwhile, AI chatbots can deal with basic routine questions such as experience, location, age, education etc, helping HR professional to focus on other important processes.

Reduces The Workload on HR team

AI software and smart chatbots can reduce the workload on HR staffs and improve HR operations. For example, when new employees are recruited in a company they might have a lot of questions in mind related to company policies and procedures. In such situation, it is HR manager’s responsibility to make the employees understand about the company. Instead of approaching HR managers every time when employees have doubts or questions, these simple queries can be easily resolved with AI chatbots. When AI chatsbots are designed to provide employees access company related data, it give them a holistic view of the company and its policies, reducing the load on the HR team.

According to Eightfold, a Talent Intelligence Platform, “HR personnel who utilized AI software performed administrative tasks 19 percent more effectively than departments that do not use such technology.”

Customized Onboarding Experience

Onboarding is an important factor for successful employment. One of the biggest advantage of AI is that it provides a personlized experience to individuals. Personalization is the key to make individual feel special and valuable. With the help of AI, HR managers can provide a customized onboarding experience to individual employees based on their position, experience and tasks. And also it automatically verify the documents, eliminating the time consumed when performed manually.

According to a study by Click Onboarding “almost three-quarters of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding.

Some benefits of AI in Onboarding process include:
  • It briefs employees about job profile and tasks along with benefits.
  • It can be used to set up company systems.
  • It can identify frequent questions from employees and answer them.
  • It can provide important company contacts to employees.

Employee Retention

Artificial Intelligence based software can help HR department in employee retention. Employees are more likely to leave an organization when their work is not recognized, do not get a deserving salary hike based on their performance or due to bad working atmosphere. However, this can be avoided if HR team creates strategies based on individual preferences and performance. AI-based retention software enables HR team to analyze individual employee performance and identify deserving employees. This way, they can come up with reward and recognition program strategies that will engage employees and help to build a strong bond with the company, decreasing the talent attrition.


Integration of Artificial Intelligence and smart chatbots in HR operations simplfies numerous HR activities. AI chatbots not only increases the efficiency of Human Resource Management but also saves a lot of time, allowing HR department to focus on more important tasks such as creating strategies to bridge the gap between the company and its employees. AI’s ability to provide customized onboarding experience makes HR job easier by improving new hire retention rate. Meanwhile, it also helps to retain old employees as well. Overall, AI implementation in HR operations improves employee satisfaction rate and increases company’s productivity.