AI and VPN

Because of the very kind of artificial intelligence, our data is less safe than ever before, and technology companies are now accumulating even more personal information about each one of us. In the last few years, AI has more or less gone viral. We permit it into our homes and approve it to monitor continually — so we can use voice commands for playing music, switching on our lights, or locking and unlocking the doors. We present AI with access to our phone locations, so we can share the GPS coordinates quickly with our friends and family. We let it know what we share, how we shop, and also who we’re taking pictures of. And to do this, it requires access. Without access, it wouldn’t know anything about us. Without access, we even don’t exist to artificial intelligence, anyway.

Stripped down to its most fundamental, essential nature: for AI to operate, it needs getting its digital hands on our personal information.

It’s similar to a currency exchange of sorts: to obtain a more comfortable quality of life, you trade in more and more of your private data. But is it a fair trade? Depending on how many people utilize AI technology or what they are utilizing it for, and how many devices are developed and sold every year, customers say, “yes.”

So that drives us to ask this question: do customers really realize the privacy that they’re giving up for those services? Are they aware that they’re not getting “free” technology, but actually paying with data currency, which is now recognized to be the most precious resource in the world?

Artificial Intelligence Encryption

For artificial intelligence to operate, your communications have to be unencrypted. We are able to then make the following assumption: if I decide to use AI, encryption is no longer an option.

The tech industry is very much interested in the encryption conversation, and the large firms have been open about how they react to pressuring and arm-twisting by the government: they wish to defend and protect personal data from government surveillance and hackers. However, as they also want to profit from AI, encryption has to take a backseat.

These businesses can’t just have their cake and eat it too. They can’t continue to support discreetly protected data and yet accomplish their AI goals at the same time. Their AI goals are too large and way too profitable. It’s expected that by 2025 the AI revenue will be worth approximately 90 billionUSD. If you believe these huge corporations are going to prioritize your data safety over their financial goals, then think again. They are of course going to prefer one over the other, and we all understand which they are going to select. Which implies you are going to have to make a selection too: Encryption or AI?


Based on what we learned, VPN is more important than ever. VPN services are big on privacy. Privacy is what VPN is built on, and the goal will always be to keep your data hidden through top-notch, military-grade encryption. We vision a future where all users understand the importance of VPNs to safeguard them against cybercriminals, and where they realize the significance of keeping their private data private! However, we also see a future powered by AI — and we can’t help but question: what will the nature of privacy be like in the future years? Will we care more about comfort and convenience, rather than securing our personal information? And will we realize that the convenience of AI-driven assistance is inspired by a lot of money to be made accumulating all of that precious data?

Nowadays, when cybersecurity is continuously emerging along with the overall technological development, it is necessary to keep an eye on the newest changes and embrace the best solutions, primarily in business, where unlawful use of corporate data may result in tremendous financial losses. Hence, any improvements brought about by machine learning have essential significance for the security of delicate business information. At the end of the day, both AI and VPN have their own uses, and both are required to carry out our day to day activities. It is you who can best judge what is suitable for you and what you can do without. Join Us Now to explore the world of both AI and VPN for your business with ONPASSIVE.